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Meadowlake Farm Honey and Herb Based Organic Skin Care

Meadowlake Farm makes the most amazing products using raw honey and other natural ingredients. Organic Spa Magazine lists Meadowlake Farm as one of the top organic companies. It is easy to see why when you get a chance, like I did, to try out their products. They call their products fine artisan skincare and I totally understand why.
Such care goes into making products that are not only good for you but help
sustain the environment as well. Meadowlake Farm uses ingredients that are from sustainable, domestic and renewable sources as well as their own 100 acre farm and organic honey bee hives.
Let me tell y’all about what they sent me:

Honey Goat Milk & Strawberry Zinfandel Wine Complexion & Body

Smells fantastic. Lathers very well. Got my face really clean. Rinses off well leaving behind a beautiful scent. Captivating fragrance.

Oh! The aroma that this bar possesses is magnificent. Sweet Strawberry wine and our wonderful honey, swirled with creamy goat milk. How can you beat this combo? I’m not sure but I will keep on trying too! A nice guest sized bar, wonderful thick lather…for strawberry fans and lovers.
Ingredients: Organic Translucent base, Organic goat milk, raw organic honey, strawberry zinfandel, organic strawberry oil, essential oil: strawberry oil
1.5 ounces

About Face
This thick cream smells great. The mixture of essential oils is as wonderful for your skin as it is a delight for your nose.

Skin care is a complex science but our approach is simple.  One outstanding cream day and night.  When a product is designed with nothing but the right, premium ingredients there is no need for a multitude of different products.  We are comfortable telling you this is the only skin care cream you’ll need.  Simple?  Yes, and simply outstanding results.  Our clients, of all ages, agree.

There simply is nothing like honey for your skin.  That knowledge, is what lead to the creation of our products in the first place.  It contains an abundance of Gluconic Acid the most effective Alpha Hydroxy acid in facial skin care as well as a multitude of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals too numerous to mention, plus many skin regenerating substances yet to be fully understood.  We’ve combined it with the finest domestic botanical oils and extracts, resulting in a cream that you’ll never be without again. This one product handles all your facial skin needs.  A  favorite of salon facialists.  Use on eyes, face and neck,  morning and night, under makeup or alone.  We suggest applying to warm, damp skin and along with our toner and cleanser.  Let the results begin.

Contains: Honey dilutepure raw honey, apricot kernel oil, Extra Virgin olive oil, emulsifying wax, borage oil, pure beeswax cappings, mango butter, grapefruit seed extract, vitamin E and the *certified organic essential oils of grapefruit, French lavender, orange and lemon (*certified organic).   2 ounce jar

No petroleum derivatives  
No synthetic isolates 
No synthetic preservatives  
No harmful chemicals (every substances on earth is a chemical)
No contaminants   
No replications of plant compounds  
No cosmeceuticals or bioceuticals
No added alpha or beta hydroxy acids  
No added hyaluronic acids  
No added vitamin esters  
No ingredients made to sound like natural ingredients that aren’t
No premixed generic bases 
No green washing

Want to keep up with all things Meadowlake Farm ? You can like check out their blog, Want to learn more? Check out their education/ research page.

Ready to buy some of these great products? Head on over to Meadowlake Farm and get ya some.

Meadowlake Farm sells Products in These Great Categories:
Facial Care Creams and Salves
Facial Basics…Cleanse, Tone and Moisturize
Lip Balms
Protectants and Antidotes
Exquisite Complexion, Body and Healing Bars
Body Care
Healing Remedies
Wee Bee Baby Care


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