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Lunar and Biodynamic Gardening

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Since I grew up in the country, I know the moon has a lot to do with farming and ranching. Those who don’t know would be surprised to learn that at certain stages of the moon stuff really changes. Here are some examples that I know to be true.

The time of the lunar cycle that you dig a hole greatly changes whether or not the dirt will fill the hole back up correctly. I know it sounds odd, but it is true.

Necessary surgery on livestock should not be done a certain times of the month because blood will not clot as well during that moon phase.

And of Course- Fishing is best during the 15 days before and 15 day after a New Moon. ( Sorry, I love fishing and had to include that one)

And I am sure you know how the moon affects the ocean tide.

This is why I love Matt Jackson’s book ” Lunar and Biodynamic Gardening” It explains how working the soil, planting, weeding and harvesting at the correct times can greatly increase your garden’s yield. You will learn how to compost, use companion planting, collect and save seeds for future use and so much more. If you want to learn how nature can help you garden ya gotta get this book.

Chapters Include

  • Lunar Gardening and Biodynamics
  • Getting Started
  • Soil and Compost
  • Growing for Food
  • Growing for Flowers
  • Pots and Containers

Publisher’s Description:

 Biodynamic gardening means taking a holistic approach to the garden and being aware of the interrelatedness of the soil, plants, and vegetables. The principles of biodynamics also bring a spiritual aspect to the meditative art of gardening, emphasizing the influence of invisible energies, such as the lunar cycles, on the garden. Biodynamic practices are used increasingly often in agriculture and many people are interested in adopting this holistic, natural approach in their own gardens but are unsure how to get started. In ‘Lunar and Biodynamic Gardening’, Matthew Jackson gives an easy-to-follow guide to getting started with biodynamics. You will discover how to take advantage of the natural rhythms of the moon, by planning your gardening activities to coincide with the most favorable conditions in the sky. For example, during a waxing moon, the earth is exhaling, and it is best to sow non-root plants. During a waning moon, the earth is inhaling, and biodynamic gardeners should water and fertilize their crops. Matthew also guides you through making biodynamic preparations to keep your soil “alive”, understanding your garden or allotment as part of a bigger web of life and demonstrates the importance of working with nature rather than trying to dominate it. With step-by-step illustrations for 25 projects, explanatory diagrams, and stunning color photographs, it’s easy to see how biodynamic techniques can work for any gardener.

Ready to Buy? Head over to Ryland Peters and get a copy.

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