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Little Sun Solar Lamp Available from The Grommet

image1 (1)Little Sun Solar Lamp

I, like most of you, want to do all I can to help the environment. That is why I love solar products. With solar, if you’ve got even a mildly sunny day, you have power. When I found out about the Little Sun Solar Lamp, I knew I needed to share it with y’all.

Little Sun is simply a very sturdy, super high quality solar lantern. Artistically designed by Olafur Eliasson to be in the shape of the sun. Perfect for camping, off grid living, going to the beach or even adding some light to your outdoor living space. Love that it comes with a handy strap for wearing around your neck or hanging from the roof of your tent or a branch of a tree. Also love that it does not need batteries at all. It gets all its power directly from the sun.

Little Sun has the ability to give out it’s normal Very Bright light. If that is too bright for ya, the designer made sure to add a dimmer. Having Little Sun in direct sunlight for as little as 5 hours will get you ready for 4 hours on the bright mode or 50 hours in the dimmed mode. Dim is still plenty of light. Hubby and I tested it out while camping at the lake. Our miniature dachshund, Dixie, occasionally wants to go outside and do her business in the middle of the night. We were out in the woods near the lake and wanted to make sure Dixie was able to go out in safety. We used Little Sun to light her way in the dark. With Little Sun Hubby and I felt confident that there were no skunks or other creatures of the night in the vicinity when she went outside. Yay safety.

Check Out This Video To Learn More:

Designed by an artist and an engineer, this solar powered light harnesses the sun to brighten up any space—and offers power to those without it around the world. Enjoy up to 50 hours of light with a compact design that’s great for camping, festivals and more. Plus, for every light sold, the same exact one is offered at a fair, locally-affordable price to someone in an underserved area.

  • Materials: Recyclable ABS plastic, monocrystalline solar panel made from highly efficient SunPower solar cells, Knitter-switch with fluorescent silicone boot (advanced energy-saving dimming technology), Samsung LED, AA LiFePO4 3.2V rechargeable battery with 500 mAh
  • Includes solar light, lanyard, and story booklet
  • IP44 rated weather- and rain-resistant
  • Proceeds help bring light to those living without electricity
  • Great for camping, festivals, the beach, or home garden/balcony
  • Integrated dimmer allows for brightness adjustment
  • Five hours of solar charging produces 50+ hours of light
  • Lightweight, durable, portable design
  • Battery lifespan of 5 years if used daily
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 4.7” diameter x 1.14″
  • Weight: 0.21 lb.

Ready to Buy? Head over to The Grommet and get ya one.
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