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Learning Resources Smart Snacks Shape Sorting Cupcakes

logo_newLearning Resources Smart Snacks Shape Sorting Cupcakes

Spending time with your children, playing games with them, reading to them is very important for their emotional growth. What they play with and read is also important. Learning Resources has over 1,100 quality products designed with fun and education in mind. They sent over one of their products for us to try. Let’s check it out.

Smart Snacks Shape Sorting Cupcakesprod7347_lg

You can easily see how Cupcakes are going to capture the attention of most children. These Cupcakes are special. With these your little one can learn how to sort different shapes, differentiate several colors and improve their motor skills. I love how they are made from sturdy material so ya know they will last. Bright colors and realistic texture will make Smart Snacks Shape Sorting Cupcakes a favorite toy of your child for years to come.

Product Description

A delicious way to encourage shape and color identification and build fine motor skills! These two-part cupcakes pull apart to reveal a shape. Children must match up the shapes to put them back together. There is also a shape at the bottom of the pan to match as well. Shapes include circle, square, triangle, rectangle, diamond, hexagon, star and heart.


8 cupcakes
     • 1 muffin pan

Each cupcake measures 2”H x 1.5”D

Grades: Toddler+

Common Core State Standards Alignment: 2-D Shapes, Measurement & Data

Learning Styles: Visual, Tactile

prod7347_1_thSkill Development:

Basic Concepts– Supports school readiness with exploration and identification of colors. Students can learn primary colors- blue, red, yellow and secondary colors- orange, green, purple with the cupcakes.

Fine Motor– Hand-eye coordination is encouraged as students fit the cupcakes into the pan.

Math– Counting the number of sides to a shape and sorting cupcakes teaches the concept of attributes.


Ready to Buy? Head over to Learning Resources and get one.

I was not a paid for my opinion; however I may have been given a free product for review. Thanks to all of my sponsors and their parent companies for their support in this review.

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