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Knitting Basics

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I have always wanted to learn how to knit. Somehow I have come to the age that I have grandchildren and still do not know how. Fortunately, publisher Ryland Peters has the perfect book for anyone that wants to learn to knit.

“Knitting  Basics” by Tracey Lord, shows even the novice exactly what to do. This step by step guide teaches numerous methods of knitting. There are many different types of projects covered from starting basics like holding the needles and yarn correctly to adding details like stripes and fringe. Twenty fun projects are taught in words and pictures. The easiest way to learn to knit that I have seen. You are gonna love this book…..I’m off to the store to get some yarn and knitting needles.

Publisher’s Description:

If you would like to start knitting but don’t have anyone to show you how, or if you know the basics of knitting but would like to improve and learn the more complex skills of shaping, lace patterns and colorwork, then ‘Knitting Basics’ is for you. Starting at the very beginning with casting on, knit stitch and binding off, the 20 workshops take you step by step through different stitches and techniques, with color artworks to show you how everything is done. At the end of every workshop there is a project to make which is designed to put what you have learned so far into practice—the best way of making sure you don’t forget what you’ve learned. As you progress through the workshops, you will also learn how to read patterns, how to join pieces, and how to knit in the round. The projects include a table runner made up of squares knitted in knit stitch, a child’s jumper with intarsia design, a messenger bag with cable patterns, and a textured throw with bobbles and fringing. There is an introductory section on tools and materials, and there’s also a handy stitch reference guide in case you just want to refresh your memory of a particular stitch.

Ready to Buy? Head over to Ryland Peters and get a copy.

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