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Kids in the Kitchen

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More than 50 fun and easy recipes to suit your child’s age and ability

Teaching children to cook early helps them develop a love for good food. This is so important in this age of fast food. Working in child nutrition, I see first hand how little today’s kids actually know about food. I have seen children that honestly had never seen chicken with bones still in it. These kids were so used to their parents feeding them tenders and nuggets that the idea of a simple drumstick was foreign to them. I am not saying anything against boneless chicken, I am simply saying show your kids that there are so many other options out there.

Getting your kids to enjoy preparing and eating real food will not only help them out mentally, but physically as well. Imagine the confidence boost your child will have knowing they are able to cook and do their part in providing for the family. Take em to the grocery store with you and let them help choose the ingredients for the meal they will prepare. This  shows them how foods look in the grocery store. While you are there show them how to make good choices financially as well as nutritionally.

Alright you say you are ready to give this a try. How do you get started? I have a fabulous book from Ryland Peters that gives you the answers. “Kids in the Kitchen”, written by Amanda Grant, is the perfect way to introduce your child to the wonderful world of cooking. Recipes in the book are fairly simple to prepare and have beautiful results. Imagine the look on your spouses face when they come home to a lovely meal of “Mini Puffy Tomato Tarts”,”All in One Chicken” and a desert of “What’s in Season Fruit Crumble” prepared by your children.

“Kids in the Kitchen” is divided into sections based on your child’s level of expertise.  New skills at each level. Love Susan Bell’s photography throughout this hardback cookbook. She shows step by step instructional pictures of each recipe. Your kids are going to love this book. You will too. Think about it y’all, how nice is it  going to be when your kids are confident enough in the kitchen to cook dinner?


Let your kids make their own food with 50 fun recipes that will not only encourage future healthy eating habits but also develop motor skills, cognitive development and self-confidence plus you won’t have to cook!  
Children’s reading books, toys and games are often targeted at specific age groups, and this new book by “one of the UK’s leading children’s food educators”, Amanda Grant teaches core cooking skills designed for children aged 3–5 years, 5–7 years, and 7–11 years. Each skill is presented at the stage when a child’s development, self-confidence, and independence are ready. With plenty of step-by-step photographs for children to follow and easy, tasty, and fun recipes that they will love to learn, this is an invaluable book for parents to help teach their kids practical kitchen skills that will remain useful throughout life. As well as explaining hygiene and kitchen safety, there are more than 50 recipes specially suited to particular age groups.

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