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Justice Caps

justice_caps01Justice Caps

With the increase of video surveillance world wide some people would like a bit of simple privacy. According to the Telegraph “Britain has one CCTV camera for every 11 people”.  Popular Mechanics says, “There are an estimated 30 million surveillance cameras now deployed in the United States shooting 4 billion hours of footage a week.” That is a crazy amount of surveillance. What is one to do if you don’t want your every move caught on video? It’s simple. Wear a Justice Cap. Described as “No Violence Defiance” by the manufacturer, Justice Caps provide an easy way to hide your face from spying electronic eyes. Using light, Justice Caps hide your face from low-light surveillance cameras.

Check Out This Pic of How Well Justice Caps Help you Keep Your Daily Life Private:


This also helps to stop facial recognition software from tracking your every move.

• All Justice Caps are built by hand in the Czech Republic. It can take two to three weeks for your order to be assembled by hand.
•Justice Caps ship from the Czech Republic, Europe, every two weeks, depending on order volume.
• Justice Caps will advise you when your order has shipped and give you a tracking number.

Manufacturer Description:

The Justice Cap proprietary IR technology blinds normally used “night-vision” and “low-light” video surveillance cameras, blocking the NSA face recognition software (“trapwire”) used worldwide today.
Justice Caps blocks the linking of people’s faces to the NSA database, tying them into their phone records, tax returns, etc.
By “blinding” video surveillance cameras, and blocking the NSA’s ability to match faces with personal data, Justice Caps defeats this multibillion-dollar spy network, and allows citizens to live “big-brother free” from the preying eyes of spy agencies and government oversight into their daily personal lives, where they have no business.

Ready to Buy? Head over to Justice Caps and get ya one..

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