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Jammin’ in the Jungle

jammin_in_jungle__97874_1400814073_451_416Jammin’ in the Jungle

Jammin’ in the Jungle from Beat Boppers is a great way to teach your little one the basic of music. Children will learn different rhythms, beats, pitches etc… while they have fun and get in some exercise. Jammin in the Jungle comes with fun beat packed CD and teaching manual that is a great educational resource. I love that two versions of each song are available on the CD. You can choose to play them with vocals or simply instrumental. Jammin in the Jungle is the perfect way to get your child started on their path to music appreciation and understanding.


Come on a musical safari into a magical jungle where you can drum with the monkeys, sing with lions, and shake like a rattlesnake! Educationally based, this fun-filled collection of songs is jam-packed with practical ideas for enhancing children’s musical development through singing, movement, playing percussion instruments, and other hands-on activities! Jammin’ in the Jungle is a fantastic resource for both classroom and home use and is suited to children aged 4-8 years. Come along and join in the fun of making music!

Songs include: Jammin’ in the Jungle; Snappity Snap; Elephant Paint; Monkey Rhythm; We Can Shake Like a Rattle Snake; Amazing Snakes; Hippo Rock; I’m Walking Through the Jungle; Bongo Bob; Jungle Wash Day; Barrel of Monkeys; Tigers Are a-Creeping; Monkey Hug; Tiger Jive .

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