If a Mummy Could Talk . . .


IfMummy_295If a Mummy Could Talk . . .

Have you ever wondered what a Mummy would say if it could talk? Author, Rhonda Lucas Donald, takes a look at the scientific research around several of the world’s well known mummies. Whether mummified by man or nature, each of these finds has a story to be told. Read about them in “If A Mummy Could Talk”, from Arbordale. There are full color illustrations throughout the book and 6 pages of learning activities included in the back. Perfect for the classroom.


If a mummy could talk, what would it say? Of course, mummies can’t talk. But with modern scientific tools, we can still discover what a mummy has to tell us. Read the stories of mummified Egyptian pharaohs and priestesses, baby elephants, pampered pets, and even a prehistoric bison. Uncover clues to centuries-old murder mysteries and human sacrifices, and even find out what a person or animal had for their last meal! Information from real scientists explains how we know what we know about each mummy. So, what do these mummies have to say? Lots, it turns out!

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