How Does My Home Work?


0763695947How Does My Home Work?

Great book that teaches readers what really happens when we switch on a light or turn the handle on a faucet. Filled with informative illustrations by Lucia Gaggiotti, that educate children how electricity, water and gas help our  homes work to make our lives easier. Children are curious. Let them read “How Does My Home Work?” by Chris Buttersworth and learn what they really want to know.


How does flipping a switch on the wall make the lights come on? Where does the clean water that flows out of the faucet come from? What is used to keep a home warm? Travel beyond the walls and under the floors of a house to find out more about the electricity, water, and natural gas that make your home work — and find out how you can do your part to save energy and preserve these resources.
The inner workings of a home are laid out for kids in fun, retro illustrations jam-packed with the technology behind everyday life.

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