GoBe2 Smart-Life Band from Healbe

 band_retinaGoBe2 Smart-Life Band

I am always in for trying out the newest gadgets. So when I found out I could test the new GoBe2 Smart-Life Band I was thrilled. This fun and super useful device helps you get healthy and stay that way.

It was a bit interesting trying to get it out of the packaging. Almost could have used an instructional video for that part. Once I finally figured out that you just push the center piece down, we were golden. Fortunately the GpBe2 is super simple to use. Ya just have to wear it and check the app for results. I really like the way the GoBe2 looks in it’s case too. Great for gift giving. black6

The band itself is a bit larger than I, as a woman, would like. I feel it is better sized for men. I prefer something a bit daintier. With that said I did find it comfortable to wear. I like that the closure is adjustable. 

The GoBe2 can keep track of so many things for you throughout the day. If you are someone that stress eats the GoBe2 can help you with that. It actually tells you when you are stressed out so you can realize, “Hey, wait a minute…I am not actually hungry…I am just stressed” Once you learn that this is what is happening you can work on finding other ways to alleviate that stress.

Real time emotional state monitoring is just one of GoBe2’s  many features. It can also help you keep track of your water intake. I am one of those people that constantly forgets to drink water. I am just always to busy to think about it. If this happens to you too, the GoBe2 can help.  GoBe2 will even tell you it is time to drink something. It automatically tracks your water consumption and will tell you if you are dehydrated or over hydrated. Water is an essential part of our well being, we need to be doing it right.

phone_webGoBe2 also gives you your calorie intake including  the breakdown of fats, macro nutrients, protein, carbs etc after you eat. This can be good, but remember it doesn’t count the calories until your body processes them. So ya still have to be careful. It will let ya know that you misbehaved and need to eat better tomorrow. This can be helpful to get you out of bad eating habits.

The GoBe2 even tells you how many calories you have burned throughout your day without you having to stop and do all the calculations on your own. It has a feature called Energy Balance that calculates the number of calories you consume in comparison to the number of calories you burn. You can see your data in the app on your phone. 

Another feature of the GoBe2 is heart rate monitoring. It will take a reading about every five minutes and keep track of your highs and lows for the day and night. 

Sleep quality can also be tracked. By using your heart rate and motion data the GoBe2 can analyze your sleep quality and even set a “smart alarm’ to wake you when you will feel your best. We all want an easier way to wake up.

How does it do it? With something called Flow Technology that uses your body’s own information to help you perform at your best.

• PIEZO PRESSURE SENSOR: measures blood flow and heart rate
• IMPEDANCE SENSOR: uses different frequencies to measure fluid levels in tissues
• ACCELEROMETER: measures body movement and activity

Works with These Apps:

  • Google Fit
  • Apple Health
  • Withings App
  • InKin 

Charge lasts about a day. Recharge takes about an hour or two sometimes a bit longer. 

Check Out This Video to Learn More:


Healbe GoBe is the first all-in-one device that automatically tracks your calorie intake, hydration level, and other health parameters to keep you on track with your health and fitness goals

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