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Gardening Naturally

large_168Gardening Naturally

Chemicals have no place in my garden. Why? I am extremely fond of bees. There are VERY necessary for our survival. There are way to many natural ways to get better results from nature for me to pollute my yard with chemicals. If you want to learn how you can have a gorgeous yard without harmful chemicals, you need to read “Gardening Naturally”. This chemical-free handbook written specifically for those that live in the Canadian prairie lands, but useful for people most anywhere is a great way get started.

Written by Canadian Horticulturalists Sara Williams and Hugh Skinner,” Gardening Naturally” gives you the all natural skills you need to help your lawn, flowers, fruits, vegetables, trees and shrubs thrive. So informative. I learned so much from this book filled with color photographs of many insects, fungi, weeds and diseases showing you exactly what you are looking at. I have seen many of these issues right here in Texas. A great way to get started “Gardening Naturally”.

Chapters Include:

  • Why Garden Without Chemicals
  • Getting Started
  • Growing Healthier Plants
  • Controlling Weeds Without Chemicals
  • Controlling Insects Without Chemicals
  • Controlling Diseases Without Chemicals
  • Lawns
  • Vegetables
  • Trees and Shrubs
  • Fruit

Publisher’s Description:

An expert look at alternatives to the “chemical stew” to keep your lawn and garden healthy, and the entire planet happy, and safe.

More than two generations of gardeners have practiced their craft with the arsenal of chemical pesticides and herbicides developed since WWII. The “folk knowledge” used for generations prior to that, much of which does indeed have a scientific basis, is largely unused and even forgotten today. Much of the more recent scientifically based research into alternatives has had limited distribution.

As the “green movement” grows stronger in Canada, and pressure increases to limit the use of cosmetic pesticides and herbicides within urban and even rural municipalities, there is a growing need for information about effective alternate tools. The desire to go chemical-free is there. Here are the tools to make it possible, with comprehensive, understandable, workable practices.

Ready to Buy? Head over to Coteau Books and get a copy.

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