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Fun Origami For Children Wild!

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I have wanted to learn how to do origami since I was young. There was a gentleman that  would be at our school occasionally that would make the most amazing creations from a simple piece of paper. How on earth did he do it? I really wanted to know.

All these years later I have found the perfect book to teach me. Fun Origami For Children Wild! from Ryland Peters is a fantastic book or should I say tutorial on making origami animals. Origami is

the Japanese art of folding paper into decorative shapes and figures. In the book authors Mari Ono and Fumiaki Shingu give easy to follow instructions on how to create 12 different wild animals.  The paper to do so is also included. Now I can be the one to light up the imaginations of the students at my school and teach them the wonders of Origami.

Publisher’s Description:

12 step-by-step animal origami projects for children, including paper to make them with.

Suitable for children from age 5 and upward, Mari Ono’s animal origami projects are the perfect introduction to paper-folding for kids. Including a lion, zebra, snake, elephant, and monkey, all the projects are fun to make and play with, and there are amazing animal facts throughout, so children can learn while they craft! There are simple step-by-step instructions and clear photographs, as well as helpful arrows showing where to fold. Each design has a skill rating, so children can start with an easy one and then move on to something a bit more challenging until they are easily impressing friends with their paper-folding skills! Specially designed pieces of origami paper are included with the book, so children can start making their magnificent menagerie straight away.

Ready to Buy? Head over to Ryland Peters and get a copy.

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