Four Books to Introduce Your Baby to Science

17991101_1616891961672449_8919801777333850865_nFour Books to Introduce Your Baby to Science

It is never to early to introduce your children to learning. I read to my daughter while she was still in the womb. I have heard about numerous scientific studies that show that children in the womb are capable of learning. I have read other studies that state that children learn the most from conception to the age of 9 years. With this knowledge I find it important to get as much good information in to there brains as possible. Now you do not want to bore your kids or force them to learn. Let it come naturally. Purchasing educational toys and books can help. The great folks over at Source Books have a series of scientific books “for Babies”. I have read four in the series and want to share them with you.

N9781492656203ewtonian Physics for Babies

The first book we will look at is Newtonian Physics for Babies.  My granddaughter is still in the I love to hear Mommy read books and I think they are tasty stage. Good news is this book, like all the rest is a hardboard book so it will last for years. Starting with a simple ball your little ones will learn about force, motion, mass and gravity.

9781492656258Rocket Science for Babies

This book uses the same ball to explain air flow, lift and thrust. When I first spoke about these books, I got a lot of ” how can I read about all these sciences when I do not understand them myself?” No worries y’all. They are very basic. And if you have never been taught anything on the subjects, you can learn a bit about these sciences too.9781492656265

General Relativity for Babies

Starting again with the  ball, babies will now learn about mass, space and warp before getting into the generality of black holes.

9781492656227Quantum Physics for Babies

This book introduces babies to the simplistic parts of Newtonian Physics starting with the ball and working into neutrons, protons and electrons.

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