For The Love of Licorice

licoriceFor The Love of Licorice 60 Licorice-Inspired Candies, Deserts, Meals and More

“For the Love of Licorice” is a truly unique cookbook. I had absolutely no idea there were so many amazing things you can do with licorice. Honestly I did not know where licorice even came from before I checked out this book. I am not talking about the licorice flavored candies you can get in the grocery store. I am talking about real licorice. It comes in many forms. I found several at my local health food store. I am sure you can too.

Did you know you can grow your own licorice? I sure didn’t. After reading “For the Love of Licorice” I know how. So informative, so beautifully photographed. Did you know licorice is actually healthy for you? (Probably why I found it at the health food store) A few household remedies are also included in the book. This would make an amazing gift for anyone that loves licorice. Mom, are you reading this? You might find a copy under the Christmas tree this year.

Publisher’s Description:

For the Love of Licorice contains sixty exciting and delicious recipes for everything from licorice fudge and salt licorice ice cream to licorice Tosca cake, licorice-marinated lamb, and licorice liqueur. These recipes are proof that there are no boundaries to how this trendy and healthy root can be used in food and sweets.

Along with recipes, this book also provides facts about the world’s most delicious root and what it can be used for:

• Raw licorice
• Licorice granules
• Licorice powder
• Salty licorice
• And more!

For the Love of Licorice is an informative read that proves not only does licorice taste good, but it’s also good for you!

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