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I try to put as few dangerous chemicals in my body as possible. Doesn’t it make sense to keep as many off of your body and out of your house as possible too? With Fit Organic you can wash laundry, produce and your counters organically as well as keep pesky mosquitos from bothering you without the use of harsh chemicals.

FIT® Organic – Laundry Detergent fit_100ozlaundry_lemongrass_front_grande

I absolutely love the idea of washing my clothes in an organic detergent. Not only does this keep chemicals out of my clothes, but also out of the water that leaves my washer when it is finished. Fit organic laundry detergent does a great job getting clothes clean and bright. The Lemongrass tangerine scent is refreshing and very clean smelling. I did not have to add any fabric softener either. My clothes came out soft as ever and static free. Fit organic laundry detergent is suitable for all washing machines including HE.

FIT® Organic – Laundry Detergent – Take our laundry detergent for a spin, and you’ll find a unique product that not only provides superior cleaning power in both regular and HE washers, but is also USDA certified organic. It’s free of perfumes, dyes, and harsh chemicals, so it’s gentle on skin as well as fabrics.

100 oz. with 150 HE Loads or 75 Standard

  • Made with Organic SOAP – no synthetics
  • Extra concentrated (4x) to provide SUPERIOR VALUE
  • 1,4-Dioxane FREE
  • Contains no synthetic detergents, polymers, or brightners
  • Safe on Sensitive Skin – even for baby clothes
  • No GMOs
  • Not Animal Tested

fit_12oz_vegwash_front_grandeFit Organic Produce Wash

Produce wash is not something I have really used in the past, so it’s new to me. I do like the idea that Fit Produce Wash gets food wax off of apples, cucumbers and the like. Don’t you wonder just exactly is on the surface of your produce under that wax. Well, with Fit Organic Produce Wash you don’t have to. Produce gets really clean by a simple spray, a bit of rubbing and a fresh water rinse. Fit Organic produce Spray removes 98% more chemicals and wax than water alone.

Fit Organic Produce Wash is USDA certified organic and removes 98% more pesticides, waxes, human-handling residues, and other contaminants than water alone. Why use something with chemicals to remove chemicals? Achieve an organic clean with FIT.

  • The ONLY Certified Organic and Kosher Produce Wash
  • Certified USDA Food product – doesn’t use chemicals
  • #1 Market Leader (Nielsen Data 2014)
  • Removes 98% more pesticides & residues on non-organics
  • Leaves no after taste or smell
  • Certified Kosher (Orthodox Union)
  • Not Animal Tested

Fit Organic Cleaner & Degreaserfit_32oz_cleanerdegreaser_front_grande

I love the fresh clean citrus scent of Fit Organic Cleaner and Degreaser. Spray it on your mess and simply wipe away the dirt. Leaves your counters sparkly clean and smelling great. I love that there is an organic alternative to cleaning that works so great.

Fit Organic Cleaner & Degreaser is the ultimate cleaning product! With over 1,001 different uses it cuts through grease, dirt, and grime with ease. Now you can tackle those tough jobs while feeling confident you are not leaving behind ANY harsh chemicals. And the best part is it’s USDA certified organic. It gives a whole new meaning to clean! 

  • Made with Organic SOAP – no synthetics
  • Makes up to 4 gallons of cleaning solution
  • Superior performance on grease cutting and baked-on residue
  • Over 1,001 uses: Ovens, Grills, Counter Tops, Sinks, Tile and many more
  • No GMOs
  • Not Animal Tested

fit_676oz_repellent_front_grandeFIT® Organic—Mosquito Repellent

I have always hated the smell of one well known mosquito repellant. It just stinks of chemicals. Fit Organic-Mosquito Repellant smells of lemongrass. Sooo much better. It works great too. Hubby and I were sitting on the back porch during “The mosquito hours” We both got bit a couple of times and I decided this is the perfect time to test out Fit Organic’s Mosquito Repellant. I sprayed some on myself. We used Hubby as the non-sprayed control. I did not get bit anymore. Hubby did. Then I sprayed Hubby because I love him and didn’t want him to get bit anymore. Fit worked for him as well. We then enjoyed the evening out of doors instead of being chased inside by pesky bugs.

FIT® Organic—Mosquito Repellent. Finally, there is a USDA organic mosquito repellent that pregnant women and children can use without worry. Not only is it safe, but it’s also effective! Using a combination of organic lemongrass, and organic oleic acid our mosquito repellent provides protection for up to three hours WITHOUT any harsh chemicals. And best of all it has a preferred scent profile. No more stinky sprays!

Ready to Buy? Head over to Fit Organic and get ya some.

I was not a paid for my opinion; however I may have been given a free product for review. Thanks to all of my sponsors and their parent companies for their support in this review.

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