Finding Your Way Without Map or Compass

yhst-137970348157658_2489_9284810Finding Your Way Without Map or Compass

Not so long ago in a kingdom not so far away…….Here, I mean right here, in America, navigation systems did not come with everyone’s cell phone. Or come standard in your car.  Most people did not even have cell phones, and we used paper maps to find our way around. What would happen to society today if suddenly there were no cell phones or GPS devices? What if you needed to get somewhere far away? I do not see to many paper maps in gas stations anymore. What would you do?

Get this book…”Finding Your Way Without Map or Compass” Written by areail navigation expert, Harold Gatty. In the book Gatty explains the many ways to find your way . He teaches methods from primitive cultures as well as how to use your natural senses to determine your direction. Highly informative book. A must have for your TEOTWAWKI preparedness library.

During his remarkable lifetime, Harold Gatty became one of the world’s great navigators (in 1931, he and Wiley Post flew around the world in a record-breaking eight days) and, to the benefit of posterity, recorded in this book much of his accumulated knowledge about pathfinding both on land and at sea.
Applying methods used by primitive peoples and early explorers, the author shows how to determine location, study wind directions and reflections in the sky, even how to use the senses of smell and hearing to find your way in the wilderness, in a desert, in snow-covered areas, and on the ocean. By observing birds and other animals, weather patterns, vegetation, shifting sands, patterns of snow fields, and the positions of the sun, moon, and stars, would-be explorers can learn to estimate distances and find their way without having to rely on a map or a compass.
The wealth of valuable data and advice in this volume — much of it unavailable elsewhere — makes it indispensable for hikers, bikers, scouts, sailors, and outdoorsmen — all those who might find themselves stranded or lost in an unfamiliar area. Through careful study of this book and its lessons, pathfinders can learn to interpret signs in the natural world to find their way in almost any kind of terrain.

Reprint of Nature is Your Guide: How to Find Your Way on Land and Sea, E. P. Dutton & Company, Inc., New York, 1958.
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