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Feed Your Love

feedFeed Your Love 122 Recipes From Around the World to Spice up Your Love Life

To me creating a fabulous meal is definitely a great way to show someone how much you love them. Making a meal that balances sweet and savory, crispy and tender, lots of colors and shapes can really liven up your plate. “Feed Your Love” is filled with amazing photographs of some very elegant and diverse dishes. Put any of these recipes on a plate and you will definitely be impressing your loved one.

“Feed Your Love” is so much more than a cookbook. It includes information about how foods can affect your mood and even awaken your sexuality. I think we have all heard about oysters helping your sexual vitality, but I bet you did not know there were so many more foods, herbs and vitamins that can help. The authors went all out with this book. The recipes using these foods and herbs come from many cultures, including Mayan, Aztec, Hindu etc… Go ahead “Feed Your Love”.

Publisher’s Description:

A guide to cooking sensual and delicious meals from around the world.

When we cook with love, we stimulate all our senses through flavors, textures, aromas, colors, and combinations. All of it turns the everyday meal into an invitation to play and pleasure, because cooking, like sex, promotes life and joy.

Feed Your Love is a guide for those readers who tend to eat out often, as well as for those who love good meals and who cook for their own personal enjoyment and that of others. Included are hundreds of suggestions to change your mealtime into a sensational event.

Recipes include:

Zucchini moussaka
Sparkling wine sherbet
Peaches in cardamom and cinnamon syrup
Chicken curry with ginger vegetables
And so much more!

A cookbook unlike any other, Feed Your Love invites you to dream, inspire yourself, and live a life of never-ending joy with your significant other.

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