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Easy Gourmet Baby Food

9780778801825Easy Gourmet Baby Food

I have worked in children’s nutrition for over a decade. I come across numerous children that do not want to eat anything that isn’t way over processed. Why this happens is plain to me. The majority of parents allow their children to eat fast food or the basic heat and serve meals found in grocery stores. I have actually come across several children that when offered oven fried chicken that still had bones in it thought they could eat the bone. The idea of chicken having bones was that foreign to them. These kids had never eaten chicken that was not mechanically processed. All these children knew was chicken nuggets. 9780778801825_1

If you want your kids to eat a variety of healthy foods when they are older, it is really important to get them started early. Parents, you need to help develop your baby’s palate so they can appreciate the flavors of different foods.

Ready to make this happen? “Easy Gourmet Baby Food” is a fabulous way to start. This book is filled with 150 unique and delicious recipes you can make at home. No more “I don’t like vegetables” being screamed in your house. No more worrying about what is in your baby’s food. When you make it you know it is made right with the freshest ingredients and no added chemicals.

The recipes in “Easy Gourmet Baby Food” are full of flavor, and nutritious. Teach your little angels to love healthy food from the beginning and they will eat healthy for life. Get a copy of “Easy Gourmet Baby Food”. You will be glad you did.



Publisher’s Description:

Providing the best possible food for baby — made in the home kitchen.

When it comes to introducing solid food to babies at approximately six months, providing the best means using fresh, organic ingredients and paying attention to how food is prepared. For the very best, it means preparing those foods at home and introducing children to a variety of foods, nutrients and unique flavors.

Easy Gourmet Baby Food features 150 recipes that introduce very simple ways for parents to prepare meals for their infants and toddlers. Here’s a small sampling:

  • Green beans with fresh basil leaves; orange lentil and root vegetables; roasted cauliflower and white bean puree
  • Seared salmon, cauliflower and russet potato; grilled chicken breast with yogurt; three-cheese vegetable lasagna
  • Parmesan polenta cakes; pork tenderloin with prunes and bliss potatoes; corn and fennel soup.

Recipes are conveniently divided into age groups: 6-9 months, 9-12 months, and 12-24 months. Each recipe contains a complete nutritional analysis. Many transition seamlessly to older family members, so meals can be shared by everyone. Also included are instructions on how to create multiple-meal purees to be frozen and used later, plus extensive tips on meal preparation, nutrition and feeding.

Ready to Buy? Head over to Robert Rose and get a copy.

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