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Davidson’s Organics Tea


davidsonsDavidson’s Organics Teas

Davidson’s Organic Teas have been around for over 40 years. It is no wonder, Davidson’s Organics sells high quality specialty organic teas in an array of styles and flavors. They sent over three of their teas for us to try. Let’s check em out.

Cinnamon Apple Teacin_apple_8

The flavor of this first classic tea is extraordinary. The apple and cinnamon come through beautifully balanced perfectly by the decaffeinated  organic black tea leaves. Great with or without the addition of your favorite sweetener.

Cinnamon Apple Tea combines the flavors of sweet cinnamon and freshly-harvested apples in a base of mild organic black tea. With lots of naturally sweet cinnamon in a rounded organic black tea, Cinnamon Apple has always been one of our most popular teas! Serve with some frothy milk to create an apple chai!

Ingredients (* organic): Black tea*, cinnamon* and natural flavor.


caramel_peach_8Caramel Peach with Coconut

A truly delightful combination. Caramel Peach Coconut is a unique flavor that really works. This desert tea is wonderful with the addition of milk and a tad bit of brown sugar. Buttery, nutty, and peachy, this tea is a desert in itself.

Caramel Peach with Coconut is a full-bodied, delicious herbal tea, combining the flavors of sun-ripened peaches with buttery caramel and coconut. Delicious hot, of course, but surprisingly wonderful iced!

Ingredients (* organic): Barley*, chicory*, chamomile*, carob*, rooibos* and natural flavor.


Bing Cherry with Almond bing_cherry_8

This one is my favorite. The combination of Bing cherry and almond is a definite winner in my book. Sweet, nutty, chocolaty, goodness in a cup. A great way to unwind after work. The addition of dried honey means it is already perfectly sweetened. Made with rooibos, this decaffeinated tea is sure to be high on your must haves list.

Bing Cherry with Almond tea combines the delicious flavors of ripe cherries and toasted almonds in an all herbal base of relaxing chamomile, smooth rooibos and chocolatey carob, all caffeine free. Dried honey in each bag adds just a right touch of sweetness to every cup. Delicious hot or iced. Full-bodied enough to add milk.

Ingredients (* organic): Dried honey*, chamomile*, carob*, natural flavor and rooibos*.

Davidson’s Organic Teas Give Back

Davidson’s Organic Teas is an ecologically and socially responsible company using only organic growing methods. This not only helps the Earth but also the people, animals and plants that live here. Davidson’s is Fair Trade USA certified. This means they help the communities near the tea gardens by establishing schools, giving access to clean drinking water and medical care, along with so many other ways to empower the tea growers they employ. You gotta love that.

Ready to Buy? Head over to Davidson’s Organics and get a box or two. Davidson’s Organics also sells tea sets, tea ware and other tea accessories.

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