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nano_gray_8_balls_1024x1024@2xCooling Necklace – Solid Color Grey

It can get super hot in summer where I live. There are many times that I need to be outside for work or play. At these times I am really wanting some way to stay cool that doesn’t involve jumping in a pool or running through the sprinklers. Let’s face it. Those options are not always practical.

Personal heat management is no longer an issue with Cooling Necklace from nano-ice. Weighing in at approximately 1 pound this lightweight necklace is the answer to many people’s issues with heat. Whether you deal with environmental heat or the oh so fun hot flashes that come with menopause, you will love how nano-ice technology can get you comfortable fast.

When you get your Cooling Necklace you are going to want to freeze it for 3-4 hours before use. I recommend putting it in a zip style freezer bag to keep freezer smells from attaching themselves to the fabric. When you ae ready to use it, simply wear the necklace. Yes, it is that simple to keep cool and comfortable, even in hot summer weather.

Cooling effect last about 2 hours. The spheres are placed to align with your arteries to provide cooling to the entire body through the bloodstream. Available in multiple colors you are sure to find one that matches your style. If you aren’t into the look of the necklace with the spheres they even have one that fits in a specially made scarf for another fashionable option.

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This necklace in medium grey is our most popular style. A comfortable fabric in a color that goes with almost anything.

Beat the heat in style. I embedded my cooling technology inside a beautiful necklace. This necklace does not need to be wet, as your neck is actively cooled from the frozen spheres inside after you take it out of the freezer. Keeps you cool for hours!
The impact of cooling the arteries of your neck is incredibly energizing during those hot and humid days. Our necklace provides active cooling without getting your shirt wet.

Great Way to Stay Cool At:

  • Sporting Events
  • Outdoor Festivals
  • Picnics
  • At the Beach
  • On Hikes
  • Or just in your own backyard

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