Cooking With Healing Mushrooms 150 Delicious Adaptogen-Rich Recipes that Boost Immunity, Reduce Inflammation and Promote Whole Body Health


Cooking with Healing Mushrooms-front.inddCooking With Healing Mushrooms

There are so many natural ways to help the human body heal. One of these is with mushrooms. If you are new to mushrooms I want you to be careful. While there are many varieties that heal, there are also harmful mushrooms. So you need to know what you are doing. DO NOT just go out in your back yard and grab some mushrooms. Harvesting of wild mushrooms is not recommended unless you have some serious mushroom knowledge.

Fortunately many healthy mushrooms can be found at your local grocer. These include white button, portabella, cremini, oyster, morel  and others.

OK, so you can find healthy mushrooms. What do you do with them? Get Stephanie Romine’s book, “Cooking with Healing Mushrooms”available from Ulysses Press. This book not only explains how you can use mushrooms for health, it also gives you 150 great recipes to try for yourself. Written in easy to understand terms and filled with genuinely delicious ways to prepare one of natures plentiful medicines. Add this book to your natural healing or preparedness library today.

Chapters Include:

  • Why Mushrooms
  • Major and Minor Mushrooms for Medicine
  • Cooking With Mushrooms
  • Breakfast
  • Appetizers and Sides
  • Main Dishes
  • Snacks
  • Deserts
  • Condiments, Flavorings, and Other Infusions
  • Broths
  • Drinks and Elixirs


Don’t fear the fungi!
Mushrooms have been used to heal, nourish, and nurture the body, mind, and spirit for millennia. Now Cooking With Medicinal Mushrooms shows how to incorporate this superfood into tasty, and equally medicinal, recipes. From the common button mushroom to exotic varieties like shiitake and enoki, mushrooms have the power to change our lives. 
Some of the most potent medicinal mushrooms like reishi and turkey tail can sometimes be found right in our own backyards, and you don’t need to be an herbalist, chef, or mycologist to reap the benefits of these delicious and nutritious mushrooms. This book includes recipes for dishes that pack a punch when it comes to both flavor and health benefits, including Mushroom Paprikash, Kimchi Mushroom Stew with Tofu, Reishi Peppermint Hot Chocolate, and many more.

Ready to Buy? Head over to Ulysses Press and get a copy today..

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