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Coconut. Ginger. Shrimp. Rum.

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Caribbean Flavors for Every Season

First off, the title of this cookbook contains four ingredients that I happen to love. Paging through I am reminded of Hubby and my trips to Jamaica. There is something different and amazing about the flavors of the Caribbean. I remember the first time I had something as simple as French Fries in Negril. I don’t know why I was expecting the American version. The fries I had were cooked perfectly and seasoned with jerk seasoning instead of salt. I was flavor shocked at first bite. Then I couldn’t get enough of that addictive flavor. Makes me want to hop on a plane and go back.

Chapters are divided into the four seasons with subsections in each season. Everything is covered from appetizers to drinks and desert. There are  photos of most of the recipes and they look simply awesome. If you are missing the flavors of the Caribbean, or want to try them for the first time, give Coconut. Ginger. Shrimp. Rum. a try. You will be glad you did.

Some of my favorite recipes:

  • Bacon, Shrimp and Jalapeño Bloody Mary
  • Corn on the Cob with Basil Butter and Coconut Salt
  • Grilled Cheese with Coconut Butter, Frisee, and Blood Orange
  • Plantation Rum Punch

Publisher’s Description:

The recipes in this book will highlight seasonal bounties and four major Caribbean flavors, resulting in a basketful of healthy recipes (many vegetarian), which the author refers to as “edible treasures.” This innovative cookbook presents a new way to look at the four seasons through four ingredients that are integral to Caribbean flavors and culture, but available everywhere. Coconut, ginger, shrimp, and rum each boast unique health benefits, but are still simple and fundamental ingredients that will take any cook through the year, and especially highlighting seasonal ingredients!

The book is divided into four seasons, and each of those is divided into “Light Fare,” “Mains,” “To Sip,” and “Sweets.” Recipes include:

• Coconut spiced cashews
• White coconut gazpacho
• Rum buttered jerk wings
• Spring pea and ginger risotto
• Rhubarb & ginger challah
• Salsa verde coconut rice
• Grilled strawberry ginger shortcake
• Garlicky parmesan shrimp & fava bean ravioli
• Poached pear negroni

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