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CoCo Treasure


Coco Treasure Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

First y’all know I love the fact that this 100 percent natural, cold pressed, unrefined extra virgin coconut oil from Coco Treasure is certified organic and non-GMO. I also love that it is ethically sourced in the Philippines. Flavor is pure and perfect.

Did you know coconut oil can be substituted for other oils in cooking? I like this because the medium chain fatty acids in coconut oil are easier for your body to process than long chain fatty acids found in many other types of oils.


Coco Treasure Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is one of nature’s treasures and a pure gift from Mother Nature.  Ours is made from the freshest coconuts grown with love in the rich mountain soils of the Philippine Islands. They are hand-picked at the peak of their quality. It is perfect for use in cooking, baking, or as a dietary supplement. It can even be used as part of your natural bath and body care.

Coconut oil is super healthy for you too. It is said to:

  •  Have Anti Aging Properties
  • Improve Digestion
  • Help Balance Hormones
  • Build Muscle
  • Reduce Stress
  • etc… (The List Goes On and On)

Coco Treasure™ Organic Coconut Sugarcoconut-sugar-435x545

This is a truly unique and delicious sugar. The texture is completely different from any sugar I have ever used. Tastes like there is a hint of cocoa powder in it. Who knew coconut sugar could taste like chocolate. Not me. Pours beautifully. There is absolutely no issue with clumping. Hubby and I found a great recipe for Coco Treasure™ Toll House Cookies. We gave it a try. The flavor of these cookies was quite unique and a bit addictive. There is a definite flavor of coconut in these chocolate chip delights. There are many more recipes available on the Coco Treasure website.


Coco Treasure™ Organic Coconut Sugar  or Coco Sugar is one of nature’s most amazing treasures. Each day our farmers climb to the tops of the coconut palm trees to carefully harvest the precious golden nectar of the exotic coconut blossoms. The coconuts that produce our sugar are grown in the pristine Philippine Islands from non-GMO stock with no chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Hand-crafting small batches of sugar through traditional methods assures the delicious flavor and high quality that separates Coco Treasure from mass-produced alternatives. Our unique toasting method gives the sugar a golden color and a lightly caramelized aroma.

coconut-nectar-syrup-435x545Coco Treasure™ Organic Coconut Nectar Syrup

This beautiful dark syrup has a smell of molasses. The flavor is like sweet toasted caramel and coconut. Delicious. Can be used as a normal syrup on pancakes or ice cream or even to sweeten things like coffee or tea. I love it in my coffee.


Coco Treasure™ Organic Coconut Nectar Syrup is one of the most delicious products the generous coconut plant produces. Nectar is the pure sap of the coconut blossom. Each day our growers collect the golden nectar from coconut palm blossoms to make our exotic sweet syrup. Grown with care in the pristine Philippine Islands, our nectar syrup is a tropical delight.

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