Cheetah Dreams


CheetahDreams_295Cheetah Dreams

Cheetahs are magnificent animals that are unfortunately heading towards extinction at a high rate.  “Cheetah Dreams”, from Arbordale Publishing teachers young readers so much about Cheetahs. Love that this book is not only written to educate but also to entertain. There is a lovely poem about Cheetah Dreams that is told as well.

So beautifully illustrated that many of the pictures look like photographs.

Author, Linda Stanek, is an educator that writes to inspire young learners and future authors. Illustrations are by award-winning illustrator, Shennen Bersani, who has sold over 2 million copies of her books that are inspiring children throughout the world.


Cheetahs are the most rapidly vanishing cat in Africa. Share the dreams of a bright future for cheetahs while engaging sidebars provide a wealth of natural history information. From cleat-like feet to tear-marked faces, these majestic cats are well adapted to life on the African plains. The fierce predators sprint after their prey at high-speed, an exhausting dash that leaves them ready for a nap! This rhythmic text will lull readers into cheetah dreams of their own.

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