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Travel in Comfort with Comfy Commuter

IMG_0683_1_ad2c6364-59ed-4d9c-a534-3077d5306200_1024x1024Comfy Basics Travel Pillow

Long flights or car rides are a great way to get some rest. If you can get comfortable that is. Comfy Commuter sent over their Basics Travel Pillow for Hubby and I to try. Let’s check it out.

Since we travel…more


Cuba Then

9781580935104Cuba Then

I have been curious about a certain Caribbean island to our south for decades. Shrouded in mystery for years. We only know what we have seen on the news. Thoughts of what could really be in…more

Travel Essentials: For Hands or for Hands and Lips by Mangiacotti


Travel Essentials: For Hands or for Hands and Lips

I love this gift set, such a fun travel essential. This kit comes with heavy duty canvas makeup bag and two hand care necessities or a hand and a lip care product. The make up bag has an easy clean interior for all those little make up mishaps that we all know…more

Go2 Pak

A1lb9xc3SyL._SL1500_Go2 Pak

When Hubby and I travel we love to hike the backwoods trails or walk around cities just exploring. When we do we like to take a few snacks and water along for the trip. We recently found Go2 Pak and were intrigued enough to give it a review. And oh am I glad we did…more

London Precincts

OLondon Precincts

Hubby and I are planning on traveling to London this year. I spent some serious time and looked around for the perfect travel guide. I believe I have found it in “London Precincts” from Hardie Grant Publishing. This is more than a book. It is an incredible journey to London through…more

Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle

1516402073-22776551-248x631-nomader-water-bottleNomader Collapsible Water Bottle

Whether you are hiking a trail, biking in the mountains or just commuting to work, having the right water bottle is important. Having one that…more

SholdIt Infinity Scarf with Pocket

SHOLDIT_Convertible_Infinity_Scarf_with_Pocket_Journey_Black_Doubled_largeSholdIt Infinity Scarf with Pocket

When I travel, I do not like to walk around carrying stuff. Yes, I realize you have to have some place to keep your…more