Prepper’s Dehydrator Handbook Long-term Food Storage Techniques for Nutritious, Delicious, Lifesaving Meals

9781612437866_FCPrepper’s Dehydrator Handbook

I love gardening. There is nothing like the flavor of home grown produce. The only issue I find with gardening is what to do with all the extra food you are blessed with. I see several options. Eat it all–impossible, Give it away – You can only give away so much, can it, freeze it or my favorite way—dehydrate it…more


Cooking With Healing Mushrooms 150 Delicious Adaptogen-Rich Recipes that Boost Immunity, Reduce Inflammation and Promote Whole Body Health

Cooking with Healing Mushrooms-front.inddCooking With Healing Mushrooms

There are so many natural ways to help the human body heal. One of these is with mushrooms. If you are new to mushrooms I want you to be careful. While there are many varieties that heal, there are also…more

Weather 101

weather-101-9781507204634_lgWeather 101
From Doppler Radar and Long-Range Forecasts to the Polar Vortex and Climate Change, Everything You Need to Know about the Study of Weather

Weather is all around us. It fascinates me. How can a morning start out…more