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Little Sun Charge Solar Charger

lsLittle Sun Charge Solar Charger

Y’all already know from reading my posts on being prepared that I have an affinity for solar. Little Sun Charge Solar Charger is one of my favorites. Made by the same company that makes Little Sun Solar Lamp, I knew right away it was…more

Little Sun Solar Lamp

image1 (1)Little Sun Solar Lamp

I, like most of you, want to do all I can to help the environment. That is why I love solar products. With solar, if you’ve got even a mildly sunny day, you have power. When I found out about the Little Sun Solar Lamp…more

Spare-Me The 5 in 1 Rescue Tool

9ac318f472e4286572cb85268260dad4Spare-Me The 5 in 1 Rescue Tool

Spare Me is the one tool you want to have in your car at all times. This 5-in 1 Tool is so versatile you will want one for every…more

The Ultimate Guide to Wilderness Living

9781569756508.01The Ultimate Guide to Wilderness Living

This is one of the most thorough books on wilderness living that I have ever seen. “The Ultimate Guide to Wilderness Living”  is even recommended by Les Stroud, y’all probably know him as “Survivorman.” That in itself should grab your attention. If that isn’t enough, please note that it is written by John and Geri McPherson, who actually taught…more

The Complete Survival Shelters Handbook

9781612434933.01The Complete Survival Shelters Handbook

A Step-by-Step Guide to Building Life-saving Structures for Every Climate and Wilderness Situation

Let’s face it, you never really know when a survival situation is going to occur. That is why it is super important to be prepared for anything that might come up. One of the main things you are going to need in an emergency is some type of shelter…more

ICB Blessed Garden Bible from Tommy Nelson

_240_360_Book.2299.coverICB Blessed Garden Bible

Every little girl needs a Bible to call their own. The ICB Blessed Garden Bible has a fairytale look cover that will delight your little one.  In case you have not heard ICB stands for International Children’s Bible. This version is translated into a language that is easy to understand for children. It is written on a…more

50 Knots You Need To Know

c4af5d459a0944fc41f8bfaa8685671750 Knots You Need To Know

I never have learned much about knots. I have always been fortunate to have someone nearby that knew the exact knot we needed every time. I have finally decided that I need to know how to do more things for myself…more