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The Global Outdoor Survival Guide: Basic to Advanced Skills for Every Environment

9780764354267The Global Outdoor Survival Guide: Basic to Advanced Skills for Every Environment

Wherever you are there is always the possibility of some sort of survival issue to come up at any given moment.¬† Would you know what to do? When you are out in the elements being educated can literally mean…more


Paracord Knife Handle Wraps: The Complete Guide, from Tactical to Asian Styles

9780764354250Paracord Knife Handle Wraps: The Complete Guide, from Tactical to Asian Styles

Knowing what to do in a survival situation is really important. Having the proper equipment before you need it is just as important. Paracord is a simple piece of equipment that has multiple uses. Paracord is defined…more

Ancient Carpenter’s Tools

yhst-137970348157658_2499_1018644644Ancient Carpenter’s Tools

In this age of computers and robotics many do not think about the tools of the ancient world. To that though I say…What if??? What if the power suddenly goes out? I mean really out. Some…more

Adored 365 Devotions For Young Women

762794Adored 365 Devotions For Young Women

Knowing God’s Word is so very important. I like the acronym of the word Bible Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth. The Bible is truly the answer to everything. Imagine…more

50 Things to Do with a Penknife

978161689638650 Things to Do with a Penknife

If you have a pen knife and want to find something creative to do with it, Matt Collins “50 Things to do With a Pen Knife” will get ya started. Learn to make items varying from…more

NIV Reader’s Bible

_240_360_Book.2358.coverNIV Reader’s Bible

Not everyone realizes that the chapter and verse numbers in the Bible were added there to help readers reference where a particular scripture is located with ease. The books of the Bible were originally written on scrolls or as letters. the “NIV Reader’s Bible” presents…more

Finding Your Way Without Map or Compass

yhst-137970348157658_2489_9284810Finding Your Way Without Map or Compass

Not so long ago in a kingdom not so far away…….Here, I mean right here, in America, navigation systems did not come with everyone’s cell phone. Or come standard in your car.¬† Most people did not even have cell phones, and we used paper maps to find our way around. What would happen…more