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GoSports Premium Croquet Set – Full Size for Adults & Kids

image1 (5)GoSports Premium Croquet Set – Full Size for Adults & Kids

Finding creative ways to spend time together as a family is important. Finding ones that you can do outdoors with family or friends is great. The lawn game of Croquet was invented in Europe back in the mid 1800’s. It is still a fun way to enjoy…more


Tiny Garden, Huge Harvest

tinygarden,hugeharvest.jpgTiny Garden, Huge Harvest

Want to make the most of your garden space? Get yourself a copy of…more

Pulled Pork Shredder Rakes from Cave Tools

Meat_Forks_Shredding_MeatPulled Pork Shredder Rakes

Mom and I have a tradition each year for our family Christmas. We make home made tamales. We purchase Boston butt pork roasts and cook them nice and slow so they get super tender. When the meat is…more

Web Swing by WebRiderz

IMG_4139Web Swing by WebRiderz

I enjoy shopping from The Grommet very much. They sell so many incredible gift items. The second that I saw this Web Swing by WebRiderz, I knew my…more

GoSports FUSION Soccer Balls

image1 (1) GoSports FUSION Soccer Balls

Soccer has been a favorite outdoor activity worldwide for a very long time. The first game was actually played in London, England in 1863. Since then it has grown to a worldwide phenomenon. If you want to…more

GoSports Wood Pickle Ball Starter Set – Includes 2 Wooden Paddles, 4 Official Pickleballs & Backpack Tote

image2 (1)GoSports Wood Pickle Ball Starter Set – Includes 2 Wooden Paddles, 4 Official Pickleballs & Backpack Tote

Where I live we still have months of outdoor playtime ahead of us. By this time of year the kids are looking for something new to try. When they start asking what is there to do? Tell em, “It’s time for Pickle Ball”. What is Pickle Ball you ask? It is a fun game that is fairly similar to tennis. In the game, wooden paddles are…more

Smoker Box for BBQ Grill Wood Chips Perfect For Gas and Charcoal Barbecues

SmokerBoxStainless Steel Smoker Box from Cave Tools

I am a fan of Cave Tools. Their selection of grilling tools has impressed me from the start. I have been given the opportunity to test out several of their fine items on Texas Kitchen. This month we got to try out Cave Tool’s Smoker Box for BBQ Grill Wood Chips…more