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Stop Throwing Away so Much Plastic with Vapur

10blueVapur Foldable Anti-Bottle

According to the Container and Recycling Institute over 60 million plastic bottles end up in landfills and incinerators everyday. Let that number sink in. What if you could do something about it? You can…more


Planting for Honeybees

OPlanting for Honeybees

Honeybees are almost as vital to the survival of the planet as air and water. There are a whole lot of foods that we eat that simply cannot survive without being pollinated. Bees are the simplest way to get the job done. Unless you want to go feather pollinate every…more



Several core educational concepts are taught as young readers discover new information on “Grasslands”. This title…more

Zoom Ball Hydro

31749_ZoomBallHydro_R_PKZoom Ball Hydro

It gets hot in Texas, especially during the summer months. Which if you are from here, you know are 10-11 months out of the year with a random snowstorm on occasion somewhere in there.

While it is hot we still want to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. That is when our family likes to…more

Go2Towel Microfiber Towel

61nuz3gsPUL._SL1239_Go2Towel Microfiber Towel

No one wants to pack along a wet towel in their bag. Sweaty or damp towels rapidly grow smelly mildew and dangerous bacteria. Go2Towels are lightweight and quick drying. They even have a…more

Desert Gardens of Steve Martino

9781580934916Desert Gardens of Steve Martino

Growing up among cactus and mesquite trees I know what it is like to try to keep a garden happy under the hot summer sun. The air is so hot and dry, the winds feel like an oven fan. The desert garden answer is what we call Xeriscaping. No one does this better than…more

Cooling Necklace from nano-ice

nano_gray_8_balls_1024x1024@2xCooling Necklace – Solid Color Grey

It can get super hot in summer where I live. There are many times that I need to be outside for work or play. At these times I am really wanting some way to stay cool that…more