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Ethical Bean Coffees

lush-wb_600x600 Ethical Bean Coffees – Lush – Medium Dark

I love the packaging on this coffee. You have to open most coffees with a knife or a pair of scissors. Ethical Bean’s packaging has a pull tab for easy opening. Once you pull the tab the wonderful aroma of…more

Purely Elizabeth Original Ancient Grain Granola

GRANOLA-ORIGINALPurely Elizabeth Original Ancient Grain Granola

Love the crunch. Purely Elizabeth granola is made in larger sized pieces for easy grabbing from the handy resealable bag. Perfect for breakfast or…more

Organic Traditional Pad Thai Rice Noodles from Lotus Foods

lot-641027Organic Traditional Pad Thai Rice Noodles

Love the true flavor of these noodles. Some of the Pad Thai noodles that I have bought at the grocery store have had an off flavor. With Lotus Foods you only get the pure rice noodle flavor. I like that. To try out these Organic Traditional Noodles, Hubby and I made a…more

SOL Organic Cotton Bedding Set

Featured-1-Luxury-Bed-Linens-Ivory-Plain_grandeOrganic Cotton Bedding Set

Let’s face facts y’all, we spend alot of time in bed. Why not be as comfortable as possible? I love super soft luxurious bedding. I also love being good to the environment. That is why…more

  Coco Treasure


Coco Treasure Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

First y’all know I love the fact that this 100 percent natural, cold pressed, unrefined extra virgin coconut oil from Coco Treasure is certified organic and non-GMO. I also love that it is ethically sourced…more

Era Organics Natural Skincare

natural-eczema-cream1Era Organics Natural Psoriasis and Eczema Cream

The dry Texas heat can be brutal on your skin. I hear the cold winters up north can get to your skin too. So, what do you do when your skin is screaming…help? Give it Era Organics Natural…more

Gardening Naturally

large_168Gardening Naturally

Chemicals have no place in my garden. Why? I am extremely fond of bees. There are VERY necessary for our survival. There are way to many natural ways to get better results…more