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All Natural Beauty Organic and Homemade Beauty Products

untitledAll Natural Beauty

Organic and Homemade Beauty Products

Tired of the overpriced, chemical filled health and beauty products found at most mass retailers? Want to try your hand at making your own? It is a lot easier than you think. You just need some guidance to get you started…more

Primal Essence Instant Organic Herbal Super Teas

Primal Essence Instant Organic Herbal Super Teas

Primal Essence sent us over all of their Super Teas for us to check out. First off I am absolutely loving this whole concept. So easy to take your preferred super tea anywhere you go. Imagine having your favorite cold tea instantly any time you want it. For preparing the hot version of your choice you just…more

Healthy Benefits from Organic Savory or Sweet Coconut Oils from Primal Essence Botanical Extracts

logo_homeY’all already know how I feel about the benefits of coconut oil. Well I want to tell you about a fun new way I have found to add a little of the wonder of coconut oil to your daily diet. Whether you like sweet or savory, Primal Essence Botanical Extracts has a flavor for you. They sent over some samples of their sweet and savory organic creations for us to try. In case you are wondering…more

Surf Spray from Clean Enhanced Organics Haircare

Surf_Spray_8.5oz_980__14879.1477771419Surf Spray

I love the sexy windswept look my hair gets at the beach. What happens if I want to look that way when I am away from that fresh salty air? I have tried several products that promise…more

Woodstock in the Park Organic Hand Poured Soy Wax Candle from Madison Valley Candles

untitledWoodstock in the Park from Madison Valley Candles

This dual wick candle has a strong scent. It has a 3 leaf  fragrance rating. The aroma is hard to describe. Kind of like baby powder and Nag Champa. The mix is seductive and sexy and I love it. Hubby loves it…more

Ethical Bean Coffees

lush-wb_600x600 Ethical Bean Coffees – Lush – Medium Dark

I love the packaging on this coffee. You have to open most coffees with a knife or a pair of scissors. Ethical Bean’s packaging has a pull tab for easy opening. Once you pull the tab the wonderful aroma of…more

Purely Elizabeth Original Ancient Grain Granola

GRANOLA-ORIGINALPurely Elizabeth Original Ancient Grain Granola

Love the crunch. Purely Elizabeth granola is made in larger sized pieces for easy grabbing from the handy resealable bag. Perfect for breakfast or…more