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An Aztec Herbal: The Classic Codex of 1552

yhst-137970348157658_2487_398819739An Aztec Herbal: The Classic Codex of 1552

I love that this book is the real deal. Originally written in 1552 in Nahuatl, the language of the Aztecs, “An Aztec Herbal: The Classic Codex of 1552” explains the actual medicines used in the Aztec culture…more


How Indians Use Wild Plants for Food, Medicine & Crafts

yhst-137970348157658_2487_1355541341How Indians Use Wild Plants for Food, Medicine & Crafts

Natural medicine is fascinating. I see no reason to fill your body with the chemical concoctions Big Pharma has created to make money off of you. I do not want to take the chance of getting…more

Over the Counter Natural Cures

9781402225055Over the Counter Natural Cures

I think it is safe to say everyone that knows me knows I am not a fan of the side affects of products from Big Pharma and Monsanto. Why on earth would anyone want to eat foods that have grown in fields sprayed with Round Up? Why when you get physical…more

Identifying Animal Tracks: Mammals, Birds, and Other Animals of the Eastern United States

yhst-137970348157658_2485_163873788Identifying Animal Tracks: Mammals, Birds, and Other Animals of the Eastern United States

I remember walking in the woods with my parents as a child. My father would show me animal tracks and teach me which animal made had them. Apparently , not everyone has this skill. I had friends that would look at the same tracks and have no idea…more

Antioxidant Lip Balm from Annmarie Skin Care

LipBalm_1_2048x2048_974ad8ef-6b83-46a6-b562-7fb9d3540951Antioxidant Lip Balm from Annmarie Skin Care

Glides on super easy. Of course it does the first ingredient is olive oil. Annmarie Skincare takes the healing properties of…more

Simply Gum

box-cinnamon_1024x1024Simply Gum

Want some great tasting gum without artificial flavors, preservatives or synthetics? If so, try Simply Gum. They sent over three of their flavors for Hubby and I to try. Let’s…more

Wedderspoon Organic Manuka Honey Pops for Kids

WS-US_ManukaPops-Raspberry__41566.1499869559.1280.1280Wedderspoon Organic Manuka Honey Pops for Kids

If you love candies like I do, you may be looking for a healthy alternative to the chemical filled candies found on many store shelves. Wedderspoon has the answer. Their Manuka Honey Pops…more