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Healing Chronic Candida: A Holistic, Comprehensive and Natural Approach

9781630268565_fc-1Healing Chronic Candida

Millions of people around the world suffer from chronic candida. This unseen epidemic is ignored by most physicians so most of the population suffers with no hope of a cure. Chronic candida is a major contributing factor in many common gastrointestinal disturbances, mental health conditions, neurological disorders, impaired cognitive or…more


Desire – Aphrodisiac Synergy Essential Oil Blend from Pure Anada

Desire_50_10__48859__45475.1528222178Desire – Aphrodisiac Synergy

I love synergistic essential oil blends. You know, where the essential oil company has the perfect mix of oils to suit your mood. Pure Anada’s “Desire” is one of my favorites. This blend of…more

Repair Luxury Treatment from Pure Anada Cosmetics

Untitled-1__49043__60343.1528216793Repair Luxury Treatment

We all want to age beautifully. Having a daily routine helps ensure your skin maintains its youthful appearance for as long as possible. I am closing in on 50 fabulous years on this planet so I take skin care seriously…more


Natural Sweetener: Raw Maguey Sap from Salviana

FROZEN-41Raw Maguey Sap from Salviana

Hubby and I try to stay away from cane sugar. We generally prefer honey. I recently found a natural sweetener that I had never heard of. Raw Maguey Sap has been used for over 1,000 years. Traditionally used in…more

Natural Skincare from Apple Valley Natural Soap

image3Kitchen Salt & Spice Bar

Working in the kitchen you can get all sorts of smells on your hands. Some of them do not like to go away, even after a good hand washing. Things like fresh garlic and onions for instance. Fortunately there is Kitchen Salt & Spice Bar from Apple Valley Natural Soap to help rid…more

Look and Feel Better with Gua Sha

617PDEetcZL._SL1000_100% Natural Bian Stone GUA SHA Tools from Hana Emi

I first learned about Gua Sha when I was in physical therapy. I was there to deal with issues with my shoulder from a fall at work. While doing therapy my bicep would go into spasm. The therapist found the best way to get it to relax was with Gua Sha…more

Natural and Organic Exfoliating Sugar Scrub from ERA Organics

exfoliating-sugar-scrub-era-organics_1024x1024Natural and Organic Exfoliating Sugar Scrub

Soft healthy beautiful skin comes from taking care of yourself. Through proper nourishment inside and out. Even so environmental contaminates can damage your skin. Dead dry skin cells can make your skin look unattractive and unhealthy. What do you do?…more