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Artisanal Bamboo Salt Chest from Uncommon Goods

21243_1_1200pxArtisanal Bamboo Salt Chest from Uncommon Goods

Finding the right anniversary gift for someone you love can be hard. Well, it used to be. Now you can find the perfect anniversary present at Uncommon Goods. Y’all know Hubby and I are both foodies. He and I love absolutely anything to do with really good food. I was able to find an amazing gift for him from Uncommon Goods…more

Kinzd Wallets

logoKinzd Wallets

Wallets are a really personal thing for men. Ladies it is my understanding that finding the right wallet is just as important as finding the right purse. Hubby is pretty picky about his wallet. It has to be just the right size, not to bulky, and have a place for everything.  Kinzd Wallets sent over three of theirs for us to check out…more

Chicken Wing & Leg Rack

Chicken_Wing_Rack_-_Main_large-min_large-min_mediumChicken Wing & Leg Rack

For Grilling, Smoking, or Cooking In The Oven

Hubby and I really enjoy grilling. There is something amazing about the flavor of food cooked outdoors. So when Cave Tools sent me their Chicken and Leg Rack for review I was thrilled.

This is a great way to grill. We tried it out on drumsticks. The Rack holds 12 at the same time. it will also hold wings and thighs. This sturdy…more

Kore Essentials Intrepid Stainless Steel Buckle & Belt Set

Intrepid_stainless_black_belt_INTSBLK_grandeKore Essentials Intrepid Stainless Steel Buckle & Belt Set

Impeccable stitching. Sleek styling. Kore Essentials Intrepid Stainless Steel Buckle & Belt Set looks great with so many styles. I love the no holes feature. Instead there is a well built spring-loaded…more

Victoria Footwear

mommy%20fever%20blogVictoria Footwear

Finding the right pair of shoes to suit your personal style is a wonderful thing. I found a wonderful company that sells the cutest, most comfortable shoes. Let me tell ya about  Victoria Footwear. First thing I noticed when I opened the box was this amazing smell. I know, I know y’all think that it’s weird to smell shoes. I did too, but these shoes smell really good, like fruity bubblegum. Super cute styles and lots of colors available. Now they don’t come in half sizes so you are going to have to order a whole size. They seem to run a tad small, so if ya wear an 8 1/2 you might want to get a 9. The Victoria Footwear company started in La Rioja, Spain in 1915. Yes, they have been around awhile. No one stays in business that long without having a great product. Founder Gregoria started making the shoes in honor of his new wife Victoria. These comfy canvas shoes have been part of Spanish fashion for decades.

Safari Lona Tintada – Beige

16688%20safari%20lona%20tintada%20beige This is the pair I received for the review. They are super comfortable and stylish. It only took a few minutes for them to feel like I wasn’t even wearing shoes. I like that in a shoe, cuz I am one that would rather run around barefoot all the time. When I can find shoes that feel like I am barefoot that is a real plus to me. These shoes are made from high quality materials. The stitching is beautifully done. All in all Victoria is top notch footwear.

The Victoria Safari Lona Tintada is a stylish lace up mid-top sneaker.

These classic European tennis shoes are made up of 100% natural cotton grown in Spain and natural rubber.

Color: Light Tan

Made in Spain. 

vic%20kids%20styleThey even make kids for men and kids.

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Ready to buy?  Head on over to Victoria Footwear and get ya some of this fabulous footwear.

Novica Mother’s Day $40 Gift Code Giveaway

p87101_2 Mother’s Day is fast approaching. Have you found that extra special gift for your Mom? Novica sent me two $4o Gift Codes so I could check out their beautiful artisan crafted Mother’s Day gift ideas. I used one for myself and one of y’all will win the other one. If ya haven’t heard of Novica let me tell you a little about them. They are associated with National Geographic. This team finds…more

FlipFold the Ultimate Folding Tool Giveaway

flip-fold-adult-shirt-folder-2T My man has no t-shirt folding skills. I do not know if he does it on purpose or if he just has no folding genes in his body. The other day we got into a discussion on this matter and I decided there has got to be a better way. I then went online and Googled t-shirt folder and lo and behold I found the answer, FlipFold. Yes, ladies and gentlemen the non-folder in your life has no more excuses…more