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101 Burgers & Sliders

5bc1f4de07245f68409ebce1c7c7475c101 Burgers & Sliders

Classic and gourmet recipes for the most popular fast food

Oh burgers, how I love thee. There are so many awesome burgers in the world. You just can’t stop at trying one or two of the varieties available. You need to set your taste buds free and try out some of the many different options…more

Master Chef: Street Food of the World

9781472909169Master Chef: Street Food of the World

Food, Food, Glorious Food. I love Food. Street Food is really high on my list of types. I still remember being in Mexico as a child getting corn on the cob from the street vendors. They put chili powder and cheesed on the corn. It was amazing. To this day whenever I eat corn on the cob, I put chili powder on it. There is something special about street food…more

Slush & Shake Maker from Zoku

ZK113_SlushMaker_Green_largeSlush & Shake Maker from Zoku

Love the cooling feeling of a slush or shake on a hot summer day. What I dislike is all the sugar and unknown ingredients you find in one’s from some fast food chains. If you love em too…more

Junk Food Japan

9781472919922Junk Food Japan

First off, I want to know WHY we do not eat Japanese Junk Food everyday. These recipes sound amazing. The full color photographs of each dish make your mouth water. I realize this is not traditional Japanese, but an intensely kicked up…more

Make your Own Frozen Delights at Home with Ice Cream Maker from Zoku

Ice_Cream_Maker-TN-4_a98d96c5-8710-4198-905f-bd4a91cc420e_largeIce Cream Maker from Zoku

How would you feel if you could make your own ice cream at home whenever you want? If you are like me you love homemade ice cream , but really should not be trusted with a full batch in the freezer.  With Ice Cream Maker from Zoku you can make single serving sizes of home made ice cream any time you want. Hubby and I were excited to give it a try. I followed a…more

Healthy Benefits from Organic Savory or Sweet Coconut Oils from Primal Essence Botanical Extracts

logo_homeY’all already know how I feel about the benefits of coconut oil. Well I want to tell you about a fun new way I have found to add a little of the wonder of coconut oil to your daily diet. Whether you like sweet or savory, Primal Essence Botanical Extracts has a flavor for you. They sent over some samples of their sweet and savory organic creations for us to try. In case you are wondering…more

Barbecue Spatula with Bottle Opener from Cave Tools

Main_Spatula_large-min_large-minBarbecue Spatula with Bottle Opener from Cave Tools

When they say heavy duty, they mean it. There is some weight to this stainless steel spatula. So well made, it comes with a lifetime satisfaction guarantee. This oversized, dishwasher safe spatula is able to easily…more