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Prepper’s Survival Hacks

9781612434964_01-1Prepper’s Survival Hacks

50 DIY Projects for Lifesaving Gear, Gadgets and Kits
By Jim Cobb

Most people think of preppers as worriers with over active imaginations. Thinking the worst about every circumstance. This is not the case in most situations. You never know when disaster might strike. I am not talking about the zombie apocalypse. I am talking about…more

The Great Plate™

e448162692b54fdcb5ca9aabf55d3c55-600x479_dm_edit_atByfmThe Great Plate™

The Great Plate is a really fantastic idea. You know how annoying it is when you’re at a party and have a drink in one hand and a snack in the other. Seriously, if you don’t have a table nearby, how are you going to…more

Dr Bronner’s

12744632_10153586702712779_6843131781448160469_nDr Bronner’s

I know y’all have heard of Dr Bronners. I had too, but somehow I had not actually tried their products. It’s a wonder because the Bronner family has been making soap since the 1800’s. You can bet they know what they are…more

HomeRight Deck Washer Water Jet Broom

e15d6bcd-09df-48a2-905f-69d9f1c88e04_1_3b8a93ea5ed597f190a6eca28337ff07HomeRight Deck Washer Water Jet Broom

Living in Texas we go through seasons of extremes. It is always extremely hot or windy or dry or rainy. The rainy part is where I look for a way to keep my back porch clean. We have a basic concrete back porch that gets weathered during the rainy season. I have gone out and cleaned the porch for years. To clean it I have been on my hands and…more

Pressure Cooker Magic 101 Fast and Fabulous Recipes

9781680992168-frontcoverPressure Cooker Magic 101 Fast and Fabulous Recipes

This paperback wonder is choc full of pictures of some great sounding recipes you can make in your pressure cooker. What’s so great about a pressure cooker you ask? It is a great way to…more

Tribest Personal Blender

logo_headerTribest Personal Blender

I love a sweet snack now and again. When you have that sweet urge, it’s important to make sure you are snacking healthy. That’s where the Tribest Personal Blender comes in really handy. Tribest makes it super easy to make your own…more

Brooklyn Slate Cheese Board Starter Kit

31845_120142484693250_411852_nBrooklyn Slate Cheese Board Starter Kit

Ready to throw a party? Want to really impress your friends? You can easily up the classiness of your appetizers by serving them on a Brooklyn Slate Cheese Board. Hubby and I got to try out the Brooklyn Slate Cheese Board Starter Kit. This fabulous…more