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Compact Touch-Up & Portable Iron from The Grommet

image1 (4)Compact Touch-Up & Portable Iron

Hubby and I love going to renaissance festivals. When we do we dress up. Keeping our costumes looking their best requires some effort. We like to look sharp so we take the…more 


Next Generation NewerTech Power2U dual USB wall outlet

NewerTechlogo300smallNext Generation NewerTech Power2U dual USB wall outlet


 The world is filled with soooo many electronic devices nowadays. They are great, but they all need charging. Tired of wanting to charge your phone and there is a lamp and an alarm clock already plugged…more

Sonic Bomb® with Super Shaker™ – SBB500SS

SBB500SS-8TSonic Bomb® with Super Shaker™ – SBB500SS

Everyone has that certain someone in their life that is super hard to get out of bed in the morning. I remember when the girls were younger trying many methods to get em up and out of bed in the morning. Now there is Sonic Bomb with Super Shaker. This is one super loud alarm clock. This is so loud it is going to wake…more

SONGMICS Adjustable 7-Shelf Hanging Closet Organizer Accessory Storage Shelves with 3 Drawers GIVEAWAY

25-800x800SONGMICS Adjustable 7-Shelf Hanging Closet Organizer Accessory Storage Shelves with 3 Drawers Giveaway

Keeping your closet neat and organized just got easier with Songmics. When the packaged arrived, quite quickly I might add, I was really surprised by the…more

The Backseat Car Organizer by Motorishy

1The Backseat Car Organizer by Motorishy

Having a child can mean having a messy car, loaded with disorganized piles of toys and other items. It does not have to be this way. With The Backseat Car Organizer by Motorishy you can have your clean and tidy car back…more

BST-100B BabyOasis™ Bluetooth Sound Machine

BST-100-BABY-4BST-100B BabyOasis™ Bluetooth Sound Machine

Sound therapy can be a huge help raising children. Whether you are trying to get your little one to sleep or simply calm them down, the sounds in their environment dictate how many children react. BabyOasis has a fabulous way to use sound in your child’s growth. BabyOasis Bluetooth Sound Machine is exactly what it says. You can…more

365 Days of Creative Play

9781492648888365 Days of Creative Play

When children spend time together with their families they can grow emotionally. When that time is used for creative play the child can grow intellectually. “365 Days of Creative Play” gives…more