Liv B’s Vegan on a Budget

livbveganonbudgetfinalcoverLiv B’s Vegan on a Budget

If you have thought of venturing into the Vegan lifestyle, but think it will be to time consuming or to expensive, have I found a book for you. “Liv B’s Vegan on a Budget” from…more


Protect Your Trailer From Theft

41Mrwuy1wBLProtect Your Trailer From Theft With a Coupler Lock

Hubby and I love to travel. We bought a travel trailer a few years ago and really enjoy getting out and seeing the country. When we do we make sure to keep possible trailer thieves away by using a hitch lock. This ingenious device and a few other tricks we have learned make it virtuously impossible to steal our trailer. For years we used a simple padlock. Though it keeps the honest away, the truth is a thief could easily use a bolt cutter to remove the lock. That is why we decided to get the AMPLOCK RV/trailer coupler lock  Yes, the…more

Frost Guard: Simple Solutions to Cold Weather Problems



2 Security Panels | Wiper Cover | Mirror Covers

Don’t let winter weather make you late another day. Whether you live up north where the temps dip way below zero, or down south where I live, I know there have been days you have either been late or almost been late because of snow or ice on your windshield. There is nothing like walking outside and seeing your windshield completely covered in…more

Prepper’s Dehydrator Handbook Long-term Food Storage Techniques for Nutritious, Delicious, Lifesaving Meals

9781612437866_FCPrepper’s Dehydrator Handbook

I love gardening. There is nothing like the flavor of home grown produce. The only issue I find with gardening is what to do with all the extra food you are blessed with. I see several options. Eat it all–impossible, Give it away – You can only give away so much, can it, freeze it or my favorite way—dehydrate it…more