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Fracture – Your photos printed in vivid color, directly on glass

image1Fracture – Your photos printed in vivid color,
directly on glass

Alright, I know what you are wondering. What on earth is Fracture? Well, let me tell you. A Fracture is a picture printed directly onto glass. There is no need for a frame because the folks at Fracture have the mount already on…more

Teeny Tiny Gardening

49dc991081d2657309f2dd6d553330efTeeny Tiny Gardening

35 step-by-step projects and inspirational ideas for gardening in tiny spaces

I was recently at a meeting where door prizes were given out. I happened to win and was able to chose my gift from among the many choices. I looked at everything and decided quickly on a small clear glass bowl with a succulent garden planted in it. It was tiny and beautiful. So perfect.

When I found the book “Teeny Tiny Gardening”…more

Woodstock in the Park Organic Hand Poured Soy Wax Candle from Madison Valley Candles

untitledWoodstock in the Park from Madison Valley Candles

This dual wick candle has a strong scent. It has a 3 leaf  fragrance rating. The aroma is hard to describe. Kind of like baby powder and Nag Champa. The mix is seductive and sexy and I love it. Hubby loves it…more

SOL Organic Cotton Bedding Set

Featured-1-Luxury-Bed-Linens-Ivory-Plain_grandeOrganic Cotton Bedding Set

Let’s face facts y’all, we spend alot of time in bed. Why not be as comfortable as possible? I love super soft luxurious bedding. I also love being good to the environment. That is why…more

Pebble Mosaics – 25 original step-by-step projects for the home and garden

0872b8cd95a4da0224b92d62b8be2415Pebble Mosaics

25 original step-by-step projects for the home and garden

I have collected rocks, crystals and pebbles since I was young. I have had piles of them under trees all over the yard. What can you do with all those pebbles? Make mosaics. “Pebble Mosaics” from the Home and Garden selection at Ryland Peters tells you how. There are…more



I come from a college town. So I am no stranger to graduations. Every time I go to a graduation I always see the same basic gifts given over and over. Personally, I prefer to give something truly unique. I found the perfect graduation texas-a_m-university_college-station_tx_usa_SKU_rocks_perspective_citygift idea from the unCommonGreen. They sell the coolest barware with maps of your college town, hometown or…more

3D Coin Art United States Flag


3D Coin Art United States Flag

Say goodbye to boring piggy banks. Check out 3D Coin Art’s United States Flag. This innovative and fun way to save change is a great way to spend time together as a family. If you are like me, after a couple of weeks…more