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Foods that Harm, Foods that Heal 2018

rd_foodsharmhealFoods that Harm, Foods that Heal 2018

Y’all already know how I feel about natural healing. Today I want to tell you about a new book from Reader’s Digest entitled “Foods that Harm Foods that Heal”. Well it is not entirely new, but recently updated. There have been…more


Welly Bottle

WELLY_BLACK_BUNDLE_2048x2048_3e65bb02-d029-447d-8014-f2eee6434fdc_grandeWelly Bottle

We all know water is important for life. Staying properly hydrated is one of the keys to good overall health. Welly understands this and has designed what I think is by far one of …more

Tonic Delicious and Natural Remedies to Boost Your Health


I am a big fan of natural medicine. Have used it for decades with great results. Western medicine has way to many side effects for my taste. Have you ever read the…more

Probiotics for Health 100 Amazing and Unexpected Uses for Probiotics

probiotics-for-health-9781507204276_lgProbiotics for Health
100 Amazing and Unexpected Uses for Probiotics

Probiotics are live microorganisms that are introduced into the body for their beneficial qualities. They have been around for quite awhile and…more

Activated Charcoal for Health 100 Amazing and Unexpected Uses for Activated Charcoal

activated-charcoal-for-health-9781507204672_lgActivated Charcoal for Health
100 Amazing and Unexpected Uses for Activated Charcoal

You may not have heard about the health benefits of activated charcoal. Many people haven’t. The truth is there are…more

Khroma Herbal Products

logoKhroma Herbal Products

Chemical Free, Vegan, Organic…Those are three terms that I like to see on things I put on or in my body. I am happy to be able to tell y’all about Khroma Herbal Products. They…more

An Aztec Herbal: The Classic Codex of 1552

yhst-137970348157658_2487_398819739An Aztec Herbal: The Classic Codex of 1552

I love that this book is the real deal. Originally written in 1552 in Nahuatl, the language of the Aztecs, “An Aztec Herbal: The Classic Codex of 1552” explains the actual medicines used in the Aztec culture…more