Style Your Hair Easily with Multi-Style Magic Hair Comb from The Grommet

image1 (11)Multi-Style Magic Hair Comb

By HairMagic

I admit it. I have no skill whatsoever when it comes to doing my own hair. I generally wear my hair either up in a pony tail or free flowing, curls in the breeze. Once in awhile, Hubby is kind enough to braid it for me. That is it. Don’t get me wrong. I was blessed with nice hair, I just have no clue how to style it.

Fortunately, I have found the Multi-Style Magic Hair Comb by HairMagic…more

Krown Robe

52980034_764214310622108_88134330936721408_nKrown Robe

I have fairly long hair. It takes a decent size towel to hold it all in place after my shower. The towel tends to get heavy and a bit cumbersome to wear while I wait for my hair to get dry enough not to drip down my back. I do…more

Clean Enhanced Organics Haircare

Clean Enhanced Organics Haircare

I prefer to only use organic haircare. I was super excited to get to try out some of the great products from Clean Enhanced Organics Haircare. Let me tell ya about em

Repair Intensive Restructuring TreatmentCEO_Repair8oz-x__77257

This is the hair repair product you have been looking for. You only need to use it a couple times a week for luxuriously healthy hair. My hair went from…more

Number 4 Sugar Texturizing Spray

LogoN4sm-1Number 4 Sugar Texturizing Spray

First I want to say Number 4 Sugar Texturizing Spray smells soooo good. It has a sweet, clean and refreshing scent. Gotta love that it is made with sugar so it won’t dry your hair out like a salt based spray.

The spray feels so light I was wondering how it could possibly hold texture in my hair. Let me tell you it works. Number 4 works great. No sticky feel. My hair doesn’t get all stiff and hard, it just stays in place beautifully…more