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HNINA Healthy Gourmet -Nuts About Chocolate

untitled7“Nuts About Chocolate” Sprouted Spreads by HNINA Gourmet

You have gotta love a chocolate spread. Especially one that is actually Healthy, Vegan, Dairy Soy and Gluten Free and Organic. “Nuts About Chocolate” Sprouted Spreads by HNINA is made from sprouted nuts and other really good for you ingredients. I know what you are thinking. Sure it’s good for you, but how does it taste?  First off this chocolate lover’s delight smells…more


Purely Elizabeth Original Ancient Grain Granola

GRANOLA-ORIGINALPurely Elizabeth Original Ancient Grain Granola

Love the crunch. Purely Elizabeth granola is made in larger sized pieces for easy grabbing from the handy resealable bag. Perfect for breakfast or…more

Sweet and Savory Thai Arare Rice Crackers

lot-421025Sweet and Savory Thai Arare Rice Crackers

Crunchy and very tasty. Love the flavor. There is a hint of soy, Thai basil and what I believe may be five spice or something similar. Impressed that I found very few broken pieces in the bag. I know this because it’s hard not to eat the entire bag. I’m just saying…more

Nana Joes Granola


Savory Blend – Pecan, Almond & Cashew

Nana Joes Savory Blend is Vegan and Gluten Free. Slight cinnamon flavor greats the top of your mouth. Not that sugary sweet cinnamon that you get in other granolas. This is a pure…more 

Keli’s Hawaiian Sauces


Keli’s Hawaiian Ginger Garlic Teriyaki Glaze Ginger_Garlic_Glaze_Teriyaki_Bottle_1024x1024

Making Hawaiian food just got easy with Keli’s. Try out some of their great recipes to make awesome Hawaiian food at home. We tested the Late Night Teriyaki Chicken Nachos…more


patPÂTISSERIE Gluten Free

I work with lots of people that deal with Gluten Sensitivity. One of their major obstacles with this lifestyle is finding really good pastries. I found a fabulous cookbook that can fix that…more

Bob’s Red Mill

logoBob’s Red Mill

The folks at Bob’s Red Mill believe in doing things the old fashion way. They actually grind their products on real mill stones. Why, you ask? Frankly because it tastes better and produces a better…more