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Explore Pasta with Explore Cuisine

exlogoExplore Pasta with Explore Cuisine

I have numerous friends that eat a Gluten Free diet either for medical reasons or by personal choice. I personally like being able to explore new flavors in food. That is why I am delighted to tell y’all about … more


Toosum – Gluten Free Oatmeal Bars

PNG_Image_1200_1200_pixels_-_Scaled_55_grandeToosum Cherry & Plum – Gluten Free Oatmeal Bars

Smells really good. I like the muffin like texture with a slight chew. Ripe cherry …more

Kutoa Handcrafted Gluten and Soy Free Bars

Chocolate-Espresso-KUTOA-Bar-1200x800_largeKutoa Handcrafted Gluten and Soy Free Bars

Hubby and I got the chance to try out Kutoa’s  Handcrafted Gluten and Soy Free Bars. Let’s check out some of the flavors…more

Setton Farms Pistachio Chewy Bites – Blueberry Infused Cranberry with Coconut

settonSetton Farms Pistachio Chewy Bites – Blueberry Infused Cranberry with Coconut

I love it when snacking is actually good for you. Hubby and I enjoy a bite of something sweet now and then. When we do we make sure it is something good for us too. This is why I love the products from…more

The Healthy Convert

healthyThe Healthy Convert

This tastefully bound volume is loaded with lots of “Allergy-Friendly Sweet Treats” Included are allergy friendly updates on many classic treats and quite a few new tempting delights. Love the…more

HNINA Healthy Gourmet -Nuts About Chocolate

untitled7“Nuts About Chocolate” Sprouted Spreads by HNINA Gourmet

You have gotta love a chocolate spread. Especially one that is actually Healthy, Vegan, Dairy Soy and Gluten Free and Organic. “Nuts About Chocolate” Sprouted Spreads by HNINA is made from sprouted nuts and other really good for you ingredients. I know what you are thinking. Sure it’s good for you, but how does it taste?  First off this chocolate lover’s delight smells…more

Purely Elizabeth Original Ancient Grain Granola

GRANOLA-ORIGINALPurely Elizabeth Original Ancient Grain Granola

Love the crunch. Purely Elizabeth granola is made in larger sized pieces for easy grabbing from the handy resealable bag. Perfect for breakfast or…more