Pretty City London: Discovering London’s Beautiful Places

9780750985598Pretty City London: Discovering London’s Beautiful Places

Hubby and I went to London this past summer. We absolutely fell in love with the city and the people. What I enjoyed the most were the diverse and…more


Krown Robe

52980034_764214310622108_88134330936721408_nKrown Robe

I have fairly long hair. It takes a decent size towel to hold it all in place after my shower. The towel tends to get heavy and a bit cumbersome to wear while I wait for my hair to get dry enough not to drip down my back. I do…more

Frost Guard: Simple Solutions to Cold Weather Problems



2 Security Panels | Wiper Cover | Mirror Covers

Don’t let winter weather make you late another day. Whether you live up north where the temps dip way below zero, or down south where I live, I know there have been days you have either been late or almost been late because of snow or ice on your windshield. There is nothing like walking outside and seeing your windshield completely covered in…more