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Stylish Wood Watches from Tmbr

helm-gold-womens-wood-watch-leather-band__67310.1517609509.1280.1280Introducing “The Helm” – Walnut & Gold Watch from Tmbr

Hubby is always looking for the perfect accessories for his wardrobe. He is very particular about his style and wants to look his best at all times. I have to say he does a really good job at it…more


Look and Feel Better with Gua Sha

617PDEetcZL._SL1000_100% Natural Bian Stone GUA SHA Tools from Hana Emi

I first learned about Gua Sha when I was in physical therapy. I was there to deal with issues with my shoulder from a fall at work. While doing therapy my bicep would go into spasm. The therapist found the best way to get it to relax was with Gua Sha…more

How to Find the Perfect Gift

Unique Personalized Gifts from

YetiFinding a unique personalized gift for someone can be hard. Whether you need a gift for a wedding, your parents, or that special someone, you are sure to find what you want at They sent over a Customized Yeti Cup for us to try…more

Travel in Comfort with Comfy Commuter

IMG_0683_1_ad2c6364-59ed-4d9c-a534-3077d5306200_1024x1024Comfy Basics Travel Pillow

Long flights or car rides are a great way to get some rest. If you can get comfortable that is. Comfy Commuter sent over their Basics Travel Pillow for Hubby and I to try. Let’s check it out.

Since we travel…more

Relaxation Made Easy with Asutra

main-image-black-eye-pillow__62338.1524794595.355.543Relaxation Made Easy with Asutra

Stress and anxiety can rob your of your health and your looks. Learning how to relax is not easy for some people. If you want to find some simple ways to de-stress, wind down and relax, I have some great…more

Getting Started with Essential Oils: Rocky Mountain Oils

singlesessentialkit-webSingle Essential Kit

Hubby and I use essential oils daily. We diffuse them for health, setting a mood, to uplift our spirits or relax to go to sleep. We use products that…more

Bookroo: Subscription Box for Kids

Copy of full color stacked@600Bookroo

I love subscription boxes. There is something really cool about knowing that a surprise is coming to you each month. Your kids are going to love it when a subscription box starts coming to them…more