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Blacksmithing Projects

yhst-137970348157658_2481_658362493Blacksmithing Projects

Most people do not think a lot about blacksmithing nowadays. The art has seemed to fade into the pages of history for most of us. I think it is time to bring this  ancient craft back to life. Percy W. Blandford, is doing just that with…more

Slush & Shake Maker from Zoku

ZK113_SlushMaker_Green_largeSlush & Shake Maker from Zoku

Love the cooling feeling of a slush or shake on a hot summer day. What I dislike is all the sugar and unknown ingredients you find in one’s from some fast food chains. If you love em too…more

Sengled Pulse Solo LED + Wireless Speaker

Solo_bulb_eb6c99b4-5439-4524-a616-716335eaf82b_1024x1024Sengled Pulse Solo LED + Wireless Speaker

Hubby is a big fan of tech gear. He likes to try out all the newest and coolest gadgets available. Now he has found…more

Make your Own Frozen Delights at Home with Ice Cream Maker from Zoku

Ice_Cream_Maker-TN-4_a98d96c5-8710-4198-905f-bd4a91cc420e_largeIce Cream Maker from Zoku

How would you feel if you could make your own ice cream at home whenever you want? If you are like me you love homemade ice cream , but really should not be trusted with a full batch in the freezer.  With Ice Cream Maker from Zoku you can make single serving sizes of home made ice cream any time you want. Hubby and I were excited to give it a try. I followed a…more

Fish Grill Basket (Small)

A1q7ISS1ehL._SL1500_Fish Grill Basket (Small)

Love the Fish Grill Basket from Cave Tools. This Stainless Steel BBQ Rack is perfectly designed to help you grill fish better than ever before.  The way Fish Grill Basket is made keeps your fish, or veggies if you prefer from ever even touching the grill plates. This aides in…more

Little Sun Solar Lamp

image1 (1)Little Sun Solar Lamp

I, like most of you, want to do all I can to help the environment. That is why I love solar products. With solar, if you’ve got even a mildly sunny day, you have power. When I found out about the Little Sun Solar Lamp…more

Spare-Me The 5 in 1 Rescue Tool

9ac318f472e4286572cb85268260dad4Spare-Me The 5 in 1 Rescue Tool

Spare Me is the one tool you want to have in your car at all times. This 5-in 1 Tool is so versatile you will want one for every…more