Trigger Release Gas Can by SureCan

image1 (6)SureCan Trigger Release Gas Can

I love how The Grommet has all the newest cool gifts and gadgets available. The Trigger Release Gas Can from SureCan is one of Hubby’s favorites. At some point in the history of gas can design someone decided to make it very difficult to pour gas from the can. There used to be…more


Gift Set for the Griller in Your Life

image1 (7)Grillight Lighted Grill Tools Gift Set

How many times have you been grilling at night and just can’t see the food as well as you would like because it is so dark. This is a problem of the past. Get yourself, or your favorite outdoor chef, the…more

Keep Cool this Season with Summer Pops from Zoku

ZK145_SummerPops_A_1024x1024Summer Pops

Summertime gets really hot in Texas. We are always looking for ways to cool off. Fortunately Zoku has lots of options to help us out. This week we got to check out “Summer Pops” from Zoku. This product makes it super easy to make ice pops your way. I love that you can put in the exact ingredients to you want. No worries about artificial colorants or preservatives. You can keep your…more