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I love back massages. So does Hubby. He actually gives an awesome back massage. The only issue I have with at home massage is getting my face comfortable. No pillow works right. You are either face down in a pillow where you can’t breathe, or you have to…more


Burger Press from Cave Tools: Discount Code

BurgerBurger Press from Cave Tools

If you are feeding a crowd, prepping for quick meals or just like to save money by buying in bulk you are going to love Burger Press from Cave Tools. This handy contraption makes quick work out of …more

Lucky Tackle Box

BassXLGiftImage_b0e14bf8-7e4d-40b0-8cfe-1aa54c07c57b_1024x1024Lucky Tackle Box

If you love fishing you are going to love Lucky Tackle Box. It is a subscription service designed for fishermen. Each month you will…more

Chef Tools from Checkered Chef

10548262_265540033570156_3825906806406729381_oChef Tools from Checkered Chef

Working in a commercial kitchen, I know a few things about kitchen tools. I know what works, what doesn’t and how to tell the difference. Hubby and I got to try out some of the great products from Checkered Chef…more

The Pizzarette 6 Person with True Cooking Stone

FoodFun_stoneThe Pizzarette 6 Person with True Cooking Stone

I really love home made pizza. There is something truly wonderful about being able make your pizza exactly how you want it. The minute that I found out I was going to review The Pizzarette 6 Person with True Cooking Stone I was super happy. This device is so cool y’all. Basically it is like having your own pizzeria at home. Complete with…more

Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle

1516402073-22776551-248x631-nomader-water-bottleNomader Collapsible Water Bottle

Whether you are hiking a trail, biking in the mountains or just commuting to work, having the right water bottle is important. Having one that…more

Manual Burr Coffee Grinder from JavaPresse

grinder_gift_3Manual Burr Coffee Grinder from JavaPresse

Waking up in the morning to a cup of freshly ground coffee is one of my favorite pleasures. Hubby and I were blessed to test the Manual Burr Coffee Grinder from JavaPresse Coffee Company. This clever device utilizes a…more