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So Well Rare Himalayan Grey Salt Light

SoWell_Logo_r-e1438765192410So Well Rare Himalayan Grey Salt Light

Not only are these rare lamps beautiful they are actually beneficial. There are many healing benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps. They actually ionize the air to help you stay healthy. Negative ions aid in…more

The Great Coaster

65fac55a51f04dceb86e3b1dae328de5-600x406_dm_edit_kiLgC2The Great Coaster

I love spending time at the beach. What I do not like is getting sand on my drink. Not that I don’t like sand, but once that sand is on your drink, it gets on…more

Sega Toys Homestar Original Planetarium

SY001PROBLA-11Sega Toys Homestar Original Planetarium

When I was younger I loved to sit outside and stare up at the stars. What am I saying? I still love to sit outside and stare at the beauty of the universe that God has made. But what if it’s hot, or cold, or raining, or…more

Zing Anything

Zing Anything

Original Citrus Zingermain

Creating your own blends of flavored water or tea is fun. I really enjoy a cold glass of organic lemon water on a hot day in the garden. With the Original Citrus Zinger it is easy to…more

HomeRight Deck Washer Water Jet Broom

e15d6bcd-09df-48a2-905f-69d9f1c88e04_1_3b8a93ea5ed597f190a6eca28337ff07HomeRight Deck Washer Water Jet Broom

Living in Texas we go through seasons of extremes. It is always extremely hot or windy or dry or rainy. The rainy part is where I look for a way to keep my back porch clean. We have a basic concrete back porch that gets weathered during the rainy season. I have gone out and cleaned the porch for years. To clean it I have been on my hands and…more

Zoku Jumbo Ice Trays Set of 2

logoZoku Jumbo Ice Trays Set of 2ZK136_JumboIceTrays_1_large

Zoku Jumbo Ice Trays Set of 2 make 6 Jumbo ice cubes in each tray. These are much larger than ice cubes from your basic ice tray. These over sized cubes are slow melting so your drink won’t get…more

Ankomn Savior

maintain Ankomn Savior

Looking for a way to stop expensive food waste without paying a fortune for plastic bags? I know I have spent a lot of money on vacuum sealer bags in the past. Well no more. Hubby and I were sent the Ankomn Savior to try out for y’all. The Savior is a patented revolutionary vacuum sealing device. The Savior saves time, money and also helps out the environment by reducing your carbon footprint…more