175 Best Multifunction Electric Pressure Cooker Recipes

finalcovermultielectricpressurecooker175 Best Multifunction Electric Pressure Cooker Recipes

Electric pressure cookers are all the rage nowadays. They are a much easier to use version of their historical predecessor…more


Gift Set for the Griller in Your Life

image1 (7)Grillight Lighted Grill Tools Gift Set

How many times have you been grilling at night and just can’t see the food as well as you would like because it is so dark. This is a problem of the past. Get yourself, or your favorite outdoor chef, the…more

Ready-To-Eat: Stir-Fry Over 70 Delicious One-Wok Meals

O (1)Ready-To-Eat: Stir-Fry Over 70 Delicious One-Wok Meals

The Asian continent has brought the world so many amazing flavors. These flavors come not only from the often exotic ingredients, but their preparation as well. The art of Stir-Fry has been around for a long time. Many say the wok was invented over 2,000 years ago. The wok can be used for many different cooking techniques including one of my favorites, Stir-Fry…more