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The Perfect Sculpt Bra

matts2_1024x1024The Perfect Sculpt Bra

What is The Perfect Sculpt Bra? It is a bra that has no straps or back to it at all. This is the bra that is going to work with almost any outfit you can find. Available in Black or tan, you are going to want to get one of each so that you are prepared to wear what you want, when you want…more

Terre Rectangle – Golden from

Terre Rectangle – Golden untitled 1


Finding the right glasses to fit your personality can be hard. You want to get something professional for work, but part of you wants something fun too. How do you afford both pairs on a budge?. Buy your eyeglasses online. I was thrilled when I got a chance to review so I could try something new. I ordered “Terre Rectangle – Golden”, with a 40% blue tint for a little pop of color… They turned a bit out…more

Sunglass Warehouse



This classy pair of aviator style glasses look great anywhere. Love the purple lenses. They give your world a…more

Get Waisted The Unfanny- Fanny Pack

IMG_9458-EditGet Waisted The Unfanny- Fanny Pack

Say good by to cumbersome, non stylish fanny packs. Say hello to “Get Waisted”. No more bulky midriff, the “Unfanny – Fanny Pack” actually looks like a waist belt instead. We all know most women’s’ clothing either comes with no pockets or useless 1/2 inch deep pockets that are just there for show. Why? No one knows. I personally need a…more

Magnetic Black Low-Rise Tights from Hipstik Legwear

Hipstik-lace-top-535x535Magnetic Black Low-Rise Tights from Hipstik Legwear

Finding a pair of tights that look good, actually fit well and are made to last is hard to do. Finding all of those qualities in a pair that will actually stay up all day can be a serious challenge. That is where…more

Kore Essentials Intrepid Stainless Steel Buckle & Belt Set

Intrepid_stainless_black_belt_INTSBLK_grandeKore Essentials Intrepid Stainless Steel Buckle & Belt Set

Impeccable stitching. Sleek styling. Kore Essentials Intrepid Stainless Steel Buckle & Belt Set looks great with so many styles. I love the no holes feature. Instead there is a well built spring-loaded…more

LavHa Therapeutic Essential Oil Jewelry

lavha-logoLavHa Therapeutic Essential Oil Jewelry

I love gemstones and interesting rocks, I value the benefits of essential oils. LavHa uses them both to create their unique jewelry that I am sure you are going to love. LavHa essential oil jewelry combines the benefits of healing stones and…more