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Kinzd Men’s Classic Dress Leather Belt

BE002-B1-e1499223269610Kinzd Men’s Classic Dress Leather Belt

I really like the smell of leather. There is something about the scent that is comforting to me. Maybe it stems from my childhood. Watching my Dad polishing his boots to that perfect shine. I was happy to get that smell again when I opened the box containing the Kinzd Men’s Class Dress Leather Belt…more

  Medieval and Renaissance Fashion: 90 Full-Color Plates


Medieval and Renaissance Fashion: 90 Full-Color Plates

I absolutely love Renaissance Festivals. I am actually a Royal Ambassador for the Texas Renaissance Festival. There is something truly magical about hearing the canon and then walking through the front gates. You enter a whole other world. The first…more

The Art of Leather Burning: Step-by-Step Pyrography Techniques

yhst-137970348157658_2482_80224810The Art of Leather Burning: Step-by-Step Pyrography Techniques

Leather craft is beautiful. I realize there are some of you that are thinking anyone that wears leather is mean. I do not think so. I am of the mind that eating beef is ok. I know that if cows were not killed for meat they would quickly overpopulate the land and…more

Slim Wallet RFID Front Pocket Wallet from Kinzd

AS145-RY1Slim Wallet RFID Front Pocket Wallet from Kinzd

Did you know someone can actually steal your bank information just by walking past you with a skimmer? Keeping your information out of the hands of greedy thieves just got easier. Kinzd presents their Slim Wallet RFID Front pocket wallet that stops most card skimmers…more

Haggar Clothing Co Presents Why to Wear Slacks this Summer

15977176_1171278812922008_7488533992289042543_nHaggar Clothing Co

I know y’all are wondering why on earth would anyone want to wear slacks during the heat of summer? Well, I have some answers for you. First off, wearing Haggar slacks can help keep disease spreading…more

The Perfect Sculpt Bra

matts2_1024x1024The Perfect Sculpt Bra

What is The Perfect Sculpt Bra? It is a bra that has no straps or back to it at all. This is the bra that is going to work with almost any outfit you can find. Available in Black or tan, you are going to want to get one of each so that you are prepared to wear what you want, when you want…more

Terre Rectangle – Golden from

Terre Rectangle – Golden untitled 1


Finding the right glasses to fit your personality can be hard. You want to get something professional for work, but part of you wants something fun too. How do you afford both pairs on a budge?. Buy your eyeglasses online. I was thrilled when I got a chance to review so I could try something new. I ordered “Terre Rectangle – Golden”, with a 40% blue tint for a little pop of color… They turned a bit out…more