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Boho Breeze Bracelet

Boho-BreezeBoho Breeze Bracelet

Lovely bracelet that will easily fit most anyone. It has an extender for added length if needed. Pretty beading. I like the…more


PurSuit Contour Trunk from Tani USA

Tani---238_clipped_rev_1_grandePurSuit Contour Trunk from Tani USA

Hubby likes comfort and style. All the way down to his unmentionables. You can’t bypass…more

Dreams Do Come True Necklace from 7Charming Sisters

N_DREAMS_TRUE_2e8ef5db-13de-4cca-943a-f2751d986b3fDreams Do Come True Necklace

First I want to say this picture does not do any justice for this necklace. The “Dreams Do Come true” necklace is quite stunning…more

Clipa 2 : Your Purses Best Friend

ELROClipa 2

I get tired of going out and finding no place to place my purse other than on the floor or table next to me. I do not like having to set my purse on my lap  in public restrooms. Fortunately I have found a solution to the issue…more

Historic Costumes and How to Make Them

yhst-137970348157658_2499_753741565Historic Costumes and How to Make Them

Let’s face it, the people of the renaissance period had some of the most amazing clothes. I love the way this style of dress makes you feel…more

Compact Touch-Up & Portable Iron from The Grommet

image1 (4)Compact Touch-Up & Portable Iron

Hubby and I love going to renaissance festivals. When we do we dress up. Keeping our costumes looking their best requires some effort. We like to look sharp so we take the…more 

Heartbreaker Booties from Soft Comfort

HeartbreakerBlackQV5Heartbreaker Booties from Soft Comfort

I love shoes. I have lots of them. It is important to have the right shoe for all of your outfits. It is also important to be comfortable. I was recently sent a great pair of booties from Soft Comfort to try out. What I really like about em is Heartbreaker booties are fashion multi-functional…more