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Chuties from CrapChute

shoulderChuties from CrapChute

Let’s face it, you never really know what life is going to through at you at any given moment. It is important to be prepared. Fortunately some nice people over in California are here to help us stay prepared and save the environment too…moreĀ 


Ava Shield Hard Surface Cleaner

hard-surface-cleanerAva Shield Hard Surface Cleaner

The dog that claims Hubby and I has a peculiar habit of drinking shower water. As you can imagine, this concerns me a bit when it come to cleaners. I refuse to use a cleaner with harsh chemicals. This obviously limits quite a few cleansers on the market…more

Environmentally Friendly Fashion from KINdom Shop


We all want to leave the world a better place. This means making simple life changes to ensure the future of the world around us. Changes can be so effortless to make. Purchasing and wearing sustainable fashion that is made from eco-friendly fabrics is an easy way to help…more

Environmentally Friendly Bath and Body from Plaine Products

logo-navPlaine Products

I love ingredient lists that only list natural components. The folks at Plaine Products must too. All of the ingredients for their bath and body line are from “Mother Nature”…more

Stop Throwing Away so Much Plastic with Vapur

10blueVapur Foldable Anti-Bottle

According to the Container and Recycling Institute over 60 million plastic bottles end up in landfills and incinerators everyday. Let that number sink in. What if you could do something about it? You can…more

Planting for Honeybees

OPlanting for Honeybees

Honeybees are almost as vital to the survival of the planet as air and water. There are a whole lot of foods that we eat that simply cannot survive without being pollinated. Bees are the simplest way to get the job done. Unless you want to go feather pollinate every…more

Brush Naked

Charcoal_WinterBrush Naked

Brush Naked Bamboo Toothbrushes have a new item this year. Check out their Charcoal Bristled Bamboo Toothbrush. Why charcoal bristles…more