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Dr Bronner’s

12744632_10153586702712779_6843131781448160469_nDr Bronner’s

I know y’all have heard of Dr Bronners. I had too, but somehow I had not actually tried their products. It’s a wonder because the Bronner family has been making soap since the 1800’s. You can bet they know what they are…more

Ankomn Savior

maintain Ankomn Savior

Looking for a way to stop expensive food waste without paying a fortune for plastic bags? I know I have spent a lot of money on vacuum sealer bags in the past. Well no more. Hubby and I were sent the Ankomn Savior to try out for y’all. The Savior is a patented revolutionary vacuum sealing device. The Savior saves time, money and also helps out the environment by reducing your carbon footprint…more

Tropical Traditions

tropicaltraditions_brand_logoTropical Traditions

Tropical Traditions founder and CEO, Brian W. Shilhavy BA, MA learned the benifits of coconut oil when he moved to the Philipines with his wife and family in 1998. He learned many of the natural health ways of the older Filipino generation. Coconut oil is a big part of their lives. With this knowledge, Brian started…more

Fit Organic

fitFit Organic

I try to put as few dangerous chemicals in my body as possible. Doesn’t it make sense to keep as many off of your body and out of your house as possible too? With Fit Organic you can …more

The Compassionate Chick’s Guide to DIY Beauty

ccgdbcoverThe Compassionate Chick’s Guide to DIY Beauty

I am one of those people that does not like all of the chemicals and “fake” ingredients in the majority of store bought skin and hair care products. I search and search the store aisles for the ones that are truly safe for you. I don’t think anyone really wants to have questionable chemicals seeping into their pores in the name of beauty. Maybe, I thought to myself, there is another way. Maybe I can…more

Natural Antibiotics and Botanical Treatments Heal Your Body, Heal Your Mind

nabtcoverNatural Antibiotics and Botanical Treatments Heal Your Body, Heal Your Mind

I am a big believer in natural healing. Don’t get me wrong, I do believe there are quite a few things you need a doctor for, broken limbs, appendicitis, severe head trauma, etc… I also think there are many ways to heal mind, body and spirit given to us by…more

Aquasana Giveaway

LogoPersonally I am not a big fan of plastic bottles. They can leach all sorts of nasty things into your otherwise perfectly healthy water. The people at Aquasana must understand this too. They…more