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London Precincts

OLondon Precincts

Hubby and I are planning on traveling to London this year. I spent some serious time and looked around for the perfect travel guide. I believe I have found it in “London Precincts” from Hardie Grant Publishing. This is more than a book. It is an incredible journey to London through…more


Burger Press from Cave Tools: Discount Code

BurgerBurger Press from Cave Tools

If you are feeding a crowd, prepping for quick meals or just like to save money by buying in bulk you are going to love Burger Press from Cave Tools. This handy contraption makes quick work out of …more

The Pizzarette 6 Person with True Cooking Stone

FoodFun_stoneThe Pizzarette 6 Person with True Cooking Stone

I really love home made pizza. There is something truly wonderful about being able make your pizza exactly how you want it. The minute that I found out I was going to review The Pizzarette 6 Person with True Cooking Stone I was super happy. This device is so cool y’all. Basically it is like having your own pizzeria at home. Complete with…more

Ship of Treasures

ShipofTreasures_Left-260x192Ship of Treasures

I am really into having out of the ordinary games. Don’t get me wrong, I still like the classics. But I love trying out new games. I love it when my daughters friends come over and they get so excited about trying out a fun new….more

Knightology: A True Account of the Most Valiant Knights

0763698482Knightology: A True Account of the Most Valiant Knights

Love the incredible detail put into the cover, golden embossing, illustrations of medieval creatures, there are even…more

Re-usable Silicone Food Wraps 4 pk from Grand Fusion Housewares


Re-usable Silicone Food Wraps 4 pk from Grand Fusion Housewares

I like to keep my food as fresh as possible. We all know this means you have to keep it covered in the fridge to keep the moisture in. Who wants to keep buying plastic wrap or aluminum foil to keep it covered. Or try…more

Domino Rally Ultimate Adventure

80857-Domino-Rally-Ultimate-Adventure-box-and-product-260x212Domino Rally Ultimate Adventure

Kids are going to love the Domino Rally Ultimate Adventure Set. Dominos, Airplanes and Rockets, who could ask for more? Let your…more