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Summer Fun with Watermelon Ball Jr

IMG_WatermelonBAll_JR_Box_Front_17_SPI-1Watermelon Ball Jr

Summer means fun in the water. Take your pool time up a notch with Watermelon Jr. This fun ball from Plasmart acts like a real watermelon when you…more


Barware Essentials from Zoku

ZK118-BK-IceBall_Slate_2_1024x1024Ice Ball Molds

Keeping your drinks cold just got easier. Zoku Ice Ball is a classy looking way to keep your drink chilled longer. I love the size…more

Keep Cool this Season with Summer Pops from Zoku

ZK145_SummerPops_A_1024x1024Summer Pops

Summertime gets really hot in Texas. We are always looking for ways to cool off. Fortunately Zoku has lots of options to help us out. This week we got to check out “Summer Pops” from Zoku. This product makes it super easy to make ice pops your way. I love that you can put in the exact ingredients to you want. No worries about artificial colorants or preservatives. You can keep your…more

Kids Know Best

2703_Kids Know Best_R_PPKids Know Best

Who is smarter? It is kids against grown ups in the family night board game from Pressman Toy. Team up with your generation in a battle of the wits with Kids Know Best. Object of this fun game is…more

How to Keep Kids Entertained

6in1MagneticGames-copy-700x7006-In-1 Travel Magnetic Games

Let’s face it, long trips in the car or by plane can get really boring, really fast. You can’t get phone service everywhere either so kids need a way to play without…more

Zoom Ball Hydro

31749_ZoomBallHydro_R_PKZoom Ball Hydro

It gets hot in Texas, especially during the summer months. Which if you are from here, you know are 10-11 months out of the year with a random snowstorm on occasion somewhere in there.

While it is hot we still want to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. That is when our family likes to…more

Dutch Blitz® Card Game

Dutch Blitz GameDutch Blitz®

Playing cards is a great way to spend time together indoors or out. Dutch Blitz is a fast paced really fun card game that the whole family will enjoy. You can play with as few as two player or go all the…more