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The House of Charlemagne

9780889775305_cover1_rb_fullcoverThe House of Charlemagne

Dreaming up the “perfect” form of government has been in the minds of many great people throughout history. Canadian political leader, Louis Riel’s vision was…more


Planting for Honeybees

OPlanting for Honeybees

Honeybees are almost as vital to the survival of the planet as air and water. There are a whole lot of foods that we eat that simply cannot survive without being pollinated. Bees are the simplest way to get the job done. Unless you want to go feather pollinate every…more

What Kids want to Know about “Thunder and Lightning”

l_9781629709345_fcThunder and Lightning

Thunder and Lightning can be scary at times. There is something about the unknown that can unnerve…more

Zoom In on Materials: Paper


Paper is used all around the world in everyday life. Where does it come from…more



Several core educational concepts are taught as young readers discover new information on “Grasslands”. This title…more

Beluga Whales

l_9781680791860_fcBeluga Whales

Zoom in on Polar Animals in Leo Statts book on Beluga Whales. Readers will…more



Soil is so vitally important to all of our lives. Many people walk around never giving any thought to it. We must take…more