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The Perfect Sausage: Making and Preparing Homemade Sausage

978-0-7643-4302-5The Perfect Sausage: Making and Preparing Homemade Sausage

I have been making sausage my entire life. I remember mixing ground venison, ground pork and seasoning together on a table in an old rock blacksmith’s shop in the coldest part of winter on my grandparents ranch. The meat was so cold my hands would ache. I also remember people asking my father for his sausage recipe…more



Recipes from the Heart of Portugal

Being a world traveler and a foodie at heart, I really enjoy trying recipes from around the world. Author, Rebecca Seal, has given us the opportunity to try some delicious recipes from Portugal. In Rebecca’s new book, “Lisbon” she shares…more

All Natural Beauty Organic and Homemade Beauty Products

untitledAll Natural Beauty

Organic and Homemade Beauty Products

Tired of the overpriced, chemical filled health and beauty products found at most mass retailers? Want to try your hand at making your own? It is a lot easier than you think. You just need some guidance to get you started…more

Masterpieces Up Close

9781616894146Masterpieces Up Close

Teaching your children to think for themselves is really important. You do not want your kids blindly following wherever the world leads them. You want them to make their own informed decisions. To do this, I feel it is important to…more



Ever wonder where some of the phrases we use everyday came from? I know I have. “Phraseology,”written by Barbara Ann Kipfer, PHD, explains the origins of thousands of commonly used phrases…more

Fun Origami for Children: Dino!

770ea17f17d6f8c204a73db912b7ca11Fun Origami for Children: Dino!

12 daring dinosaurs to fold

I have yet to meet a child that is not fascinated by origami. I also know a lot of kids that are seriously into dinosaurs. I have found a book entitled “Fun Origami for Children: Dino!” that combines the two. That’s a win win…more

365 Days of Creative Play

9781492648888365 Days of Creative Play

When children spend time together with their families they can grow emotionally. When that time is used for creative play the child can grow intellectually. “365 Days of Creative Play” gives…more