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Prepper’s Survival Hacks

9781612434964_01-1Prepper’s Survival Hacks

50 DIY Projects for Lifesaving Gear, Gadgets and Kits
By Jim Cobb

Most people think of preppers as worriers with over active imaginations. Thinking the worst about every circumstance. This is not the case in most situations. You never know when disaster might strike. I am not talking about the zombie apocalypse. I am talking about…more

Celtic Hand Stroke by Stroke (Irish Half-Uncial from “The Book of Kells”)

yhst-137970348157658_2466_121726582Celtic Hand Stroke by Stroke (Irish Half-Uncial from “The Book of Kells”)

An Arthur Baker Calligraphy Manual

Beautiful handwriting is something to be admired. I have known people that can write so exquisitely. My handwriting is good, but not graceful. Learning to do calligraphy as always been a dream of mine. I found a book that can make that dream come true. “Celtic Hand Stroke by Stroke” teaches…more

Zondervan Essential Atlas of the Bible

null_jpg_5302Zondervan Essential Atlas of the Bible

This is by far the best Bible Atlas I have ever seen. It has a geographical section and a historical section. The first describes the landscape and climate of the Middle East. It goes into…more

Sega Toys Homestar Original Planetarium

SY001PROBLA-11Sega Toys Homestar Original Planetarium

When I was younger I loved to sit outside and stare up at the stars. What am I saying? I still love to sit outside and stare at the beauty of the universe that God has made. But what if it’s hot, or cold, or raining, or…more

Peek-a-Boo Rainbow

51ZywG7RG9L__SX427_BO1,204,203,200_Peek-a-Boo Rainbow

Peek-a-Boo Rainbow, a peek and explore book, teaches children many of the beautiful colors of the God’s rainbow. Each…more

Good Good Food – Recipes to Help You Look, Feel and Live Well

9781408835555Good Good Food – Recipes to Help You Look, Feel and Live Well

These are some seriously good sounding, and looking recipes. The pictures are amazing. Some healthy cookbooks lack any semblance of flavor. Not this one. How about “Rose Geranium and Lemon Tea”, “Smoked Chicken, Mango and Spring Herb Salad” or “Perry Pears with…more

The Tiny Traveler – Japan

9781510704725-frontcover The Tiny Traveler – Japan

I love the whole idea of this series. The Tiny Traveler-Japan is a hardboard book is packed full of lovely illustrations. Let your child explore the incredible Japanese outdoors while you…more