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Jovial Foods

jovial-picJovial Foods

Jovial Foods makes high quality ingredients from ancient grains and olive trees. The flavors created from these culinary elements are reminiscent of centuries gone by. Food the way it was meant to be…more

The Superfood Kitchen

superThe Superfood Kitchen

Feel-good food for happy healthy eating

Love Food has done it again. “The Superfood Kitchen is a fantastic way to feed your body the stuff it craves. I am not talking sweets, wait, or am I? There…more


baby-food-cover-small-copyTHE BEST BABY FOOD

Y’all already know how I feel about eating the best you can. So…with the new grandchild on the way I decided to find healthy options for feeding the little one. I found a wonderful book to help. Let’s check it out.

“The Best Baby Food” gives you the skills you need to make your own baby food. Making sure baby’s taste buds  are exposed to numerous fruits and vegetables helps start a healthy lifestyle early. No having to rely on the few jarred varieties on the shelf. You can make your own…more


“A Year Full of Recipes” 365 recipes, one for every day of the year plus 1 for a leap year

9781445489698 “A Year Full of Recipes”

365 recipes, one for every day of the year plus 1 for a leap year

First off I love the whole idea behind this cookbook. Let’s get creative y’all. Trying something new has never been easier. I am not an expert but the recipes seem to be listed during the part of the year when the ingredients will be in season. Also warmer comfort foods are listed when ya would want em more, the colder months. Things like strawberry shortcake and Peach Melba meringue are listed for July. Yes I know you can eat em year-round, but really peaches are better in July and August and Strawberries are so much tastier when in season.

“A Year Full of Recipes” is loaded with lots of full color photos that get your mouth watering. So many styles of recipes are listed. Sweet, Savory, Sides Main Dishes and Deserts are all included. Here’s a short list of some of my favorites listed.

Chicken Breasts with Braised Baby Vegetables

French Onion Soup

Pot Roast with Potatoes and Dill

Raspberry and White Chocolate S’Mores

Swordfish Steaks With Lime Butter

Tamale Pie


Revive your cooking repertoire with this definitive culinary guide. Cooking on a daily basis can soon drain your bank of ideas, but with a recipe for every day of the year this beautiful cookbook will provide inspiration for all manner of meals and occasions. Use the recipe meant for today’s date, or flip through for a wealth of inspiration, from main dishes to sides and sweet treats.

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The Artisan Jewish Deli at Home

9781449420079_frontcoverThe Artisan Jewish Deli at Home

This is one of those cookbooks that makes you want to make all the recipes the first day. So many gorgeous photographs of so many mouthwatering creations. Every recipe is well written and easy to follow. Love that there is a description along with a bit of history of each scrumptious concoction. The Pastrami Benedict caught my eye so much I wanted to eat it right away. The list of Cream Cheese Schmears is phenomenal. Bring on the Bagels. I know, you want to know does the book teach you how to make a bagel?. Oh yes it does, several types in fact. Blintzes, Pastrami, Kreplach, Knishes are all inside this one of a kind Jewish Deli Lovers treasure.

Chapters Include:

Deli Food Basics

Starters and Sides

Soups and Salads

Eggs, Fish and Dairy


Bagels Bialys, and Breads

Pastries, Deserts, and Drinks

You also learn where to find the ingredients you will need to make these great recipes, as well as the authors favorite Artisan Jewish Delicatessens. Beautifully made, well written, quality paper and binding. Wonderful gift idea for someone you love or for yourself.

Publishers Description:9781449420079_insidepage_10

If you don’t happen to live near one of the new wave of artisan-style Jewish delis that have sprung up around North America over the last few years, not to worry. With this book, the world of Jewish deli, in all its unsubtle splendor—can be yours in the comfort (and privacy) of your own kitchen. And it’s not that hard. Really. On top of all the Jewish deli classics, The Artisan Jewish Deli at Home offers updates and new angles on the oldways that are bound to thrill the palates of a modern generation of eaters focused on quality ingredients and a lighter-handed approach to a traditionally heavy cuisine.

The chapters are organized into:  Starters and Sides; Soups and Salads; Eggs, Fish, and Dairy; Beef; Bagels, Bialys, and Breads; and Pastries, Desserts, and Drinks. The range of favorite recipes include: Crispy Potato Latkes with Chunky Ginger Applesauce; Summer Chicken Salad with Tomatoes, Cucumber and Cracklings; Wise Sons’ Chocolate Babka French Toast; Home Oven Pastrami; and Celery Soda.

9781449420079_insidepage_5Added cultural context comes from quick-hitting interviews with Joan Nathan and other Jewish food luminaries; histories of a few deli stalwarts such as bagels and pastrami; and first-hand reports from within the walls of the authors’ favorite temples of modern Jewish gastronomy located across the country including: Mile End Delicatessen in New York City; Wise Sons Delicatessen in San Francisco; Kenny & Zuke’s Delicatessen in Portland, OR; Stopsky’s Delicatessan in Mercer Island, Washington; and Caplansky’s Delicatessen in Toronto.

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A Century of Restaurants

9781449407810_frontcoverA Century of Restaurants

Stories and Recipes from 100 of America’s Most Historic and Successful Restaurants

Not just another cookbook, “A Century of Restaurants Stories and Recipes from 100 of America’s Most Historic and Successful Restaurants”  is a historical masterpiece. Lots of pictures of some of the longest loved restaurants across this great land. Author, Rick Browne, of Barbeque America TV takes the reader on a culinary journey to 100 of our nations most treasured inns, restaurants, taverns and public houses.  I even learned a bit of history about three places in my favorite state. The recipes are amazing. A must for foodies and American history buffs alike.

Description from Publisher:9781449407810_insidepage_2

Come along on a pilgrimage to some of the oldest and most historic restaurants in America in A Century of Restaurants. Each is special not only because of its longevity but also for its historic significance, interesting stories, and, of course, its wonderful food. The oldest Japanese restaurant in the country is profiled, along with stagecoach stops, elegant eateries, barbecue joints, hamburger shops, cafes, bars and grills, and two dueling restaurants that both claim to have invented the French dip sandwich.

Rick Browne, best-selling author, host, and producer of Barbecue America, has traveled to 100 of the oldest restaurants across America to share the charm, history, and appeal that made these establishments successful for 100 years or more. Some are as many as 300 years old. Each profile contains a famous recipe, the history of the restaurant, a look at the restaurant today, mouthwatering descriptions of some of its signature dishes, fun facts that make each place unique, and hundreds of beautiful photos that capture the spirit of each establishment. It’s everything you need for an armchair tour of 100 historic restaurants that have made America great.

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The Healing Herbs Cookbook Giveaway

healing-herbs-cover-3-copyThe Healing Herbs Cookbook


Pat Crocker

Herbs are so much more important to life than just flavoring food. So many health benefits can be attributed to herbs. “The Healing Herbs Cookbook” shows ya the medicinal value of many herbs as well as  yummy recipes to cook with em. I received a copy of the cookbook for review. This is one of my favorite cookbooks. I love food prepared with fresh herbs because of it’s amazing flavor and I enjoy the fact that it’s good for ya too. “The Healing  Herbs Cookbook” tells you how…more