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Feed Your Love 122 Recipes From Around the World to Spice up Your Love Life

feedFeed Your Love 122 Recipes From Around the World to Spice up Your Love Life

To me creating a fabulous meal is definitely a great way to show someone how much you love them. Making a meal that balances sweet and savory, crispy and tender, lots of colors and shapes can really liven up …more

The Complete Sous Vide Cookbook

sousvidecoverThe Complete Sous Vide Cookbook

What is Sous Vide you ask. It is a fast growing worldwide phenomenon in the culinary community. The technique uses water for precise cooking at low temperatures that create chef quality end results. Sous Vide used to be available only in professional kitchens due to the cost of the machine. Sous Vide water ovens and devices are now much more affordable …more

Savage Salads

savage-saladsSavage Salads

I know what you are thinking. Savage Salads??? How can that be? Salads just don’t fill me up. How can a salad be a meal? More so, how…more

Jovial Foods

jovial-picJovial Foods

Jovial Foods makes high quality ingredients from ancient grains and olive trees. The flavors created from these culinary elements are reminiscent of centuries gone by. Food the way it was meant to be…more

The Superfood Kitchen

superThe Superfood Kitchen

Feel-good food for happy healthy eating

Love Food has done it again. “The Superfood Kitchen is a fantastic way to feed your body the stuff it craves. I am not talking sweets, wait, or am I? There…more


baby-food-cover-small-copyTHE BEST BABY FOOD

Y’all already know how I feel about eating the best you can. So…with the new grandchild on the way I decided to find healthy options for feeding the little one. I found a wonderful book to help. Let’s check it out.

“The Best Baby Food” gives you the skills you need to make your own baby food. Making sure baby’s taste buds  are exposed to numerous fruits and vegetables helps start a healthy lifestyle early. No having to rely on the few jarred varieties on the shelf. You can make your own…more


“A Year Full of Recipes” 365 recipes, one for every day of the year plus 1 for a leap year

9781445489698 “A Year Full of Recipes”

365 recipes, one for every day of the year plus 1 for a leap year

First off I love the whole idea behind this cookbook. Let’s get creative y’all. Trying something new has never been easier. I am not an expert but the recipes seem to be listed during the part of the year when the ingredients will be in season. Also warmer comfort foods are listed when ya would want em more, the colder months. Things like strawberry shortcake and Peach Melba meringue are listed for July. Yes I know you can eat em year-round, but really peaches are better in July and August and Strawberries are so much tastier when in season.

“A Year Full of Recipes” is loaded with lots of full color photos that get your mouth watering. So many styles of recipes are listed. Sweet, Savory, Sides Main Dishes and Deserts are all included. Here’s a short list of some of my favorites listed.

Chicken Breasts with Braised Baby Vegetables

French Onion Soup

Pot Roast with Potatoes and Dill

Raspberry and White Chocolate S’Mores

Swordfish Steaks With Lime Butter

Tamale Pie


Revive your cooking repertoire with this definitive culinary guide. Cooking on a daily basis can soon drain your bank of ideas, but with a recipe for every day of the year this beautiful cookbook will provide inspiration for all manner of meals and occasions. Use the recipe meant for today’s date, or flip through for a wealth of inspiration, from main dishes to sides and sweet treats.

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Ready to buy?  Head on over to Amazon and Parragon and get ya some of these great cookbooks. Check out some of their other book categories while you’re over there. I was sent a copy for review purposes.