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Love Letters from God; Bible Stories for a Girl’s Heart

9780310753285.jpg.1466284446Love Letters from God; Bible Stories for a Girl’s Heart

Fourteen biblical stories of women that God loves. These stories each include a “Love Letter from God” that your child can read and know that they too are very loved by God. Written by Glenys Nellist, this…more

God Bless My School

9780718011093_2a58aGod Bless My School

“God Bless My School” is an adorable tale of many different animal parents getting their kids ready for their first day of school…more

Noah – Wordless Picture Book


The story of Noah and the Ark is a favorite Bible story for many. I have found a beautifully illustrated, wordless picture book version of it from Plough Publishing that I want to share with y’all…more

ICB Blessed Garden Bible from Tommy Nelson

_240_360_Book.2299.coverICB Blessed Garden Bible

Every little girl needs a Bible to call their own. The ICB Blessed Garden Bible has a fairytale look cover that will delight your little one.  In case you have not heard ICB stands for International Children’s Bible. This version is translated into a language that is easy to understand for children. It is written on a…more

Kids NIV Visual Study Bible

51V1BZ+K9+L._SX313_BO1,204,203,200_Kids NIV Visual Study Bible

“Kids NIV Visual Study Bible”, is a wonderful version of God’s Word. I believe it is perfect for readers of any age. Yes, Kids will find it fascinating because of the pictures and study notes on the edges of the pages. That is one of the reasons that I love  “Kids NIV Visual Study Bible”, as well. These little extras really…more

God Loves Daddy and Me

9780718091774_5873fGod Loves Daddy and Me

This delightful story is a perfect bedtime story for your child. Bringing the joy of God’s love for our family. A story of a father’s love for his child and The Father’s love for both of them…more

Baby Moses The Brick Bible for Kids

9781510712669-frontcoverBaby Moses The Brick Bible for Kids

Building bricks have captivated the imaginations of children for decades. Brendan Powell Smith has recreated the Biblical story of baby Moses using LEGOs for the illustrations. I didn’t even know this was possible. Smith has…more