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Hydro Strike

9027_Hydrostrike_R_PKHydro Strike

Gotta love a game where if you score your opponent gets sprayed in the face with water. Well, that is exactly what they get in Pressman Toys fast action game Hydro Strike. Built for…more




Play over 10 games with Goliath Games new i-Top. This is the Next Generation of Tops. Packed with electronic fun and flashing lights. Your kids will spin for hours, playing over ten different fun games. Make it a contest and try and get the most spins, the i-Top keeps track of…more

Inside the Steel Industry

l_9781680783735_fcInside the Steel Industry

Steel is a big part of our lives. From cookware to skyscrapers steel is everywhere around us. Carla Mooney has a great book , “Inside the Steel Industry”, from ABDO Publishing’s Big Business series. In it students will learn the ins and outs of the steel business. Everything is covered…more

Pop the Pig “Pop N’ Race” Game from Goliath

PtP_Pop_N_Race_PackshotPop the Pig “Pop N’ Race”

This game reminds me of one that my friends and I enjoyed playing. In this version the center popper is designed to look like a cute pig…more

Summer Fun with Watermelon Ball Jr

IMG_WatermelonBAll_JR_Box_Front_17_SPI-1Watermelon Ball Jr

Summer means fun in the water. Take your pool time up a notch with Watermelon Jr. This fun ball from Plasmart acts like a real watermelon when you…more



Many people underestimate the importance of earthworms in our world. These usually small invertebrates are so amazing they actually help our food grow. Did you know that? You can find out this and more in…more



Light is all around us.
it stimulates sight and allows us to see the world around us. Let your kids learn more about this amazing luminescent agent…more