Oliver’s Otter Phase

OliverOtter_295Oliver’s Otter Phase

Young readers will enjoy learning about otters as they go through a day of imagining in the life of Oliver. The young boy is fascinated with otters, so he…more


Animal Classes Mammals

l_9781532122996_fcAnimal Classes Mammals

From the close up of the tiger on the front to the last page of the book, readers will discover a lot of information about mammals. What they look like, how they produce young, what they eat and…more

Learn Van Gogh’s Methods

9781910552858The Van Gogh Activity Book

Van Gogh is one of my favorite artist’s. I was literally brought to tears when I gazed upon the original of his masterpiece “Sunflowers” while in London. His style of painting is extraordinary. Have you ever wondered about Van Gogh’s methods …more