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Texas Hill Country: A Scenic Journey

9780764353925Texas Hill Country: A Scenic Journey

Having been raised in the Texas Hill Country I have seen much of the beauty there that is hidden from the eyes of outsiders. The landscape, flora and fauna of the area is extraordinary. Now everyone may…more


If My Moon was Your Sun

IfMyMoonWasYourSunENIf My Moon was Your Sun

The love between a grandparent and grandchild is strong. Sometimes that love is so strong that youth does implausible things. Like…more

The Beauty Chef Delicious Food for Radiant Skin, Gut Health and Wellbeing

untitledThe Beauty Chef
Delicious Food for Radiant Skin, Gut Health and Wellbeing

True beauty comes from within can be taken two completely different ways. Yes there is personality. We all know that to be very important. There is also something to the old saying you are what you eat…more

Crayola The Beatles Yellow Submarine A Creative Experience

9781527000971Crayola The Beatles Yellow Submarine A Creative Experience

Crayola is bringing back the Beatles this year with their new…more

NKJV Unapologetic Study Bible

_225_350_Book.2427.coverNKJV Unapologetic Study Bible

This version of the Bible helps bring out the issues of today from the Word of God. The New King James Version of the Bible is intertwined with…more

Marvelous Mixed Puzzles

document6229933807159458643.inddMarvelous Mixed Puzzles

I enjoy doing puzzles of all types. There is something about…more

Hello Christmas

9781474871471Hello Christmas

This hard board book is filled with amusing peek-a-boo holes tempting the reader to turn the page to find out more. With each…more