The Declaration, The Sword & The Spy

577869The Declaration, The Sword & The Spy

The history of the United States of America should not ever be lost or hidden. We learn from mistakes of the past. If we don’t, we are doomed to repeat them.  History should not be boring, just a list of dates and names. The stories behind the people involved develops a love of the past and a willingness to learn from it. In “The Declaration the Sword and the Spy”…more

In Search of Wisdom: Life Changing Truths from the Book of Proverbs

JoyceIn Search of Wisdom

Guess what y’all. Joyce Meyer’s latest book, ” In Search of Wisdom: Life Changing Truths from the Book of Proverbs”, is available January 19th. I love Joyce’s books. She is one of those authors that you can actually hear her voice in your mind as you read. And, she tells it like it is. I like that.

In Search of Wisdom, covers the seven…more

What’s the Weather?

WhatWeather_295What’s the Weather?

Face it, weather is fascinating. If you have a young student wanting to find out about this subject, I invite you to read “What’s the Weather?” available from Arbordale Publishing. Inside you will find full color photographs that show …more