Krown Robe

52980034_764214310622108_88134330936721408_nKrown Robe

I have fairly long hair. It takes a decent size towel to hold it all in place after my shower. The towel tends to get heavy and a bit cumbersome to wear while I wait for my hair to get dry enough not to drip down my back. I do…more

Godai Soaps: Natural Soaps with Certified Organic Ingredients

gift-set_large-5-v11Godai Soaps

Y’all already know how important it is to watch what you put on your body. Health and Beauty aids need to be safe. They will after all soak into your skin and you want anything that does that to be as healthy as can be. Your skin is after all the body’s biggest organ. What if you can actually put lots of good stuff on your skin while taking your daily shower? Well, you can…more