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Baby Goes to Market

076369570XBaby Goes to Market

Very cute story about an adorable baby who goes to market with his Mama. During the outing baby is…more


Chloemason Soap Company

s512636023208420143_p79_i1_w640Chloemason Soap Company

During the colder winters in Texas, the air gets really dry. This generally gives most of our residents a bout with itchy dry skin. The daily shower makes your skin even dryer in this climate. I am sure the rest of y’all…more

The Backseat Car Organizer by Motorishy

1The Backseat Car Organizer by Motorishy

Having a child can mean having a messy car, loaded with disorganized piles of toys and other items. It does not have to be this way. With The Backseat Car Organizer by Motorishy you can have your clean and tidy car back…more

BST-100B BabyOasis™ Bluetooth Sound Machine

BST-100-BABY-4BST-100B BabyOasis™ Bluetooth Sound Machine

Sound therapy can be a huge help raising children. Whether you are trying to get your little one to sleep or simply calm them down, the sounds in their environment dictate how many children react. BabyOasis has a fabulous way to use sound in your child’s growth. BabyOasis Bluetooth Sound Machine is exactly what it says. You can…more

What’s New at the Zoo?

Whats New at the Zoo_COVER_FINAL 1

What’s New at the Zoo?

This book teaches children not only about animal families and their habits but about math as well. Author, Suzanne Slade, and illustrator, Joan Waites do a great job showing the reader what life is like in the zoo. I love how they incorporate animal parents and children into…more

Four Books to Introduce Your Baby to Science

17991101_1616891961672449_8919801777333850865_nFour Books to Introduce Your Baby to Science

It is never to early to introduce your children to learning. I read to my daughter while she was still in the womb. I have heard about numerous scientific studies that show that children in the womb are capable of learning. I have read other studies that state…more

Woodworks Nursery Rhymes: Old MacDonald Had a Farm

212-673-Product_LargeToMediumImageWoodworks Nursery Rhymes: Old MacDonald Had a Farm

What a cute gift idea for boys or girls. Cute hard board book play set is a fun way to bring the classic nursery rhyme of Old MacDonald had a Farm to life. Comes with…more